Poverty might legalize abortion in Bolivia?

Evo Morales government seeks to legalize abortion under certain circumstances in the framework of a reform that will be made to the Bolivian penal code.

Study Shows 75% of Brazilians Feel Gender Inequality is an Issue

Considering survey results from only women, the number grows to 78 percent, while among men it is 71 percent. When applying a filter by race and color, the numbers found are similar.

Mars rover tests in Chile's high desert

Due to its extreme dryness, the Atacama Desert in Chile is one of the most important environments on Earth for researchers who need to approximate the conditions of Mars.

The UNICAS of Peru

Peruvian peasants created the Union of Credit and Savings to make their daily lives easier.

The web’s biggest threats

This week the World Wide Web turned 28 and its inventor believes fake news, privacy and political advertising are its biggest threats.

Swapping coca for cacao

An option for getting away from the Colombian conflict is to change the kind of plantations to a peace kind one. 

Swapping coca for cacao

An option for getting away from the Colombian conflict is to change the kind of plantations to a peace kind one.

3 ways to start making yourself a priority

Here are 3 ways to start making yourself a priority.

Jalisco, Mexico’s very own Silicon Valley

Benefiting from Trump’s migration restrictions, a quiet technology revolution is underway in Guadalajara

Education rules in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico understood education is the perfect weapon to confront violence against women.

5 ways businesses can reach 'Generation Z'

Here are five ways to accommodate the needs of Gen Z and improve your business.

Shrimp industry rescuing Colombia’s female conflict victims

Every day, 145 women, most of them victims of Colombia’s armed conflict, efficiently clean thousands of Pacific white shrimp

How to know if you are ready for a relationship

Here are 5 signs to know if you are ready for a serious couple.

Surrender these 6 things if you plan on succeeding in life

What if success isn’t about doing things or gaining things, but more about surrendering things that already exist in your life?

Global development in the eyes of gamers

The UN led the first playable policy conference which aims to address some of the world’s most complex challenges.

4 ways to battle entrepreneurial depression

Research shows that entrepreneurs are a third more likely to experience clinical depression than their contemporaries who work a regular salaried job.

AcroYoga in Medellín and the upcoming Primavera Event

The weekly AcroYoga events in Medellín have been held steadily for approximately seven years!

Poverty, lack of social programs and machismo linked?

Argentina is again the stage for women protests against violence, what is it with the Latin American context to allow genre violence in wider proprtions?

5 things most people take a lifetime to learn

If you are reading this right now, take advantage of these common lessons that all too often take a lifetime to learn.

Will Cuba embrace the internet revolution?

There are now more than 240 public access wi-fi spots dotted around the country and the price for an hour of internet access, while still expensive by international standards, has dropped by more than half, to $1.50 (£1.20) for an hour.

6 things you do because of your anxiety

Anxiety goes far beyond just being shy, introverted, or nervous. Anxiety involves extreme fear of seemingly irrational things, and it interferes with a person’s daily life.   

The first generation in peace

Before the peace deal in Colombia, it could have been impossible to even think of guerillas women giving birth and the harsh drama finally ends.


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