A Change towards More Authoritarianism in Venezuela

The appointment of Tareck El Aissami as Vice President of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela can only be useful to close the already small spaces for a political solution to the crisis in the country

Why Do people not comply with the law in Latin America?

There is an abysmal difference in people’s attitude before the law. For example, people in Germany and in the United States usually feel almost a reverential respect toward it, but people in Latin America have very low regard for it.

Brazil’s Deadly Prison System

Part of the reason prison violence is so common in Brazil is that conditions in most of the country’s penitentiaries are barbarous.

In 2016, Brazil and the U.S. were mirror images of dysfunction

During the first half of 2016, as Brazil staggered through a corruption investigation, a painful recession and the impeachment of then-President Dilma Rousseff

Does decision-making matter?

While most economics models assumed people were basically rational, Kahneman and Tversky demonstrated that human decision-making is biased in systematic, predictable ways.

The Scope of Hate in 2016

The F.B.I. hasn’t released hate crime data for 2016 yet, but in November it reported a total of 5,850 hate crimes in 2015, up from 5,479 in 2014.

London rolls out the blood-red carpet for kleptocrats

In the British Parliament, a growing cross-party band of members is seeking to amend the Criminal Finances Bill, now making its way through the legislative process.

The Free-Market Case for Climate Science

Are you someone who has faith in the power of free markets? Then you should naturally accept the evidence that human activity is bringing about climate change.

Fidel Castro’s unusual gift to history

The Castro brothers were able to govern for so long in part because the United States often took actions against their rule that allowed them to rally the people against a common enemy.

Seeking truth, 21st-century style

Concerns about fake news spreading online are legitimate. More and more people are getting most, in some cases all, of their news and information from online sources, often through social channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

Vice President-Elect Pence should take on the 'Plan Colombia for the Northern Triangle'

In the summer of 2014, 70,000 unaccompanied minors (UACs) from the Northern Triangle – consisting of Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador – crossed the U.S.-Mexico border

Mexican attitudes to marijuana mellow

In November 57% of Californians voted to legalise the growing and use of marijuana for recreational purposes.. Drug liberalisation north of the border may speed up the process

Colombia steps back

The country constant struggle to develop gets shaded by the Senate approval in the second debate the project of Viviane Morales that intends to restrict the adoption to only heterosexual couples.

Our country of the year by The Economist

Which country improved the most in 2016?  Colombia

A small act of national suicide in Peru

Viva la ignorancia! - When ignorance is public policy, the destitution of an education minister that showed good results is the logical outcome

Will Democracy Survive Trump’s Populism? Latin America May Tell Us

Americans should take a look at Latin America, where, starting in the 1940s, elected populists undermined democracy.

Colombia: Easier to deny

For many years the European and American thinking system was established in Latin American society even over the local and the traditional customs.

Colombia: Easier to deny

For many years the European and American thinking system was established in Latin American society even over the local and the traditional customs.

Latin America, do lousy in student math tests

International PISA tests  show that 63 percent of Latin American students lack basic skills in math, and in some countries that figure is as high as 91 percent.

How storytelling is running the world

The post truth era: a place where fact-based stories aren’t as persuasive.

At War Over the Right Kind of Peace

Turning Point: Colombians reject a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia. Amazing article by  Ingrid Betancourt

Brazil’s president weathers multiple storms

A scandal and a further contraction of the economy make things difficult for the government

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