Microplastic debris

Microplastic debris: The next threat

The scientific community has, once again, stated its concern due to the increasing environmental impact produced by plastic debris found in oceans 

Be part of the change and reduce your plastic consumption

Plastic is a material that is commonly found in almost every item and it’s contaminating our environment

post-consumer waste

Colombia against post-consumer waste

Wondering where to throw away that old phone or drained batteries that are kept in a forgotten drawer in your house?

Latin America pollution

Latin America: a continuous pollution alert?

In 2017, Latin America has been making headlines for its constant pollution alerts and it’s now raising concerns.

The war on ocean plastic

The UN launched an unprecedented global campaign against ocean plastic as more than 8 million tons of plastic leak into the ocean each year.

Prohibiting cars may not help clean up the air

Mexican study published in Scientific Reports found little evidence that these type of measures improve air quality.

6,000 tons of sunblock in Mexican beaches

Personal care products directly affect coral reef’s degradation, but this Mexican couple is already doing something about it. 

Every piece of plastic made still exists

With decomposition lasting as far as 500 years, plastic continues to be all around us. 

Bogota’s newest tires recycling program

Students from Colombian National University are using tire powder to create insulating construction material.

Over 46 tons of residues were recovered in Colombian cities

‘Limpiemos Colombia’ first edition results and here’s a project that could benefit from it.

Uruguayans cleaned up their coasts

Plastic residues, debris, wood and tires were recovered from the ocean. 

Colombian Ministry of Environment to invest 5,000 million pesos to clean up bay

20,000 families could benefit from the clean-up of the Tumaco bay in the Pacific region.

Pollution might have caused the death of 10,000 endangered frogs in Peru

Authorities are investigating the disaster in the Coata River, a tributary of Lake Titicaca.

9 out of 10 people in the world live with excessive air pollution

The UN World Health Organization says 6.5 million people die annually from air pollution, with nearly 90% of them occurring in low and middle-income countries. 

Sanitation at Rio Olympics deserves no medals

Rio failed to meet environmental sanitation targets in it's beaches, rivers, lakes and lagoons. 

18 million trees to fight Mexico City pollution

With pollution levels at its highest the Ministry of Environment announced plans to reforest the area and fight pollution. 

Peru wants to stop contamination in the Rimac River

Being the source of water for more than 10 million people its conservation and cleaning is a national matter. 

Mexico City chokes on its congestion problem

Authorities are trying to reduce pollution in the capital but confused policy-making and rising car ownership are reducing the city to poisonous gridlock

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