Gallene Sciences joins the fight against fake medicine

Commercial company specializing in manufacturing drugs pledges to put an end to the counterfeit drug trade in India. Gallene Sciences is a leading pharmaceutical company that is positioned to drive innovation

Gallene Sciences

Gallene Sciences, a leading manufacturer and provider of medicines, is pleased to announce that they have officially joined the Fight the Fakes campaign, thus doing battle with fake medicine. The decision was made when realizing that the number of counterfeit medicine in the world has increased, instead of decreasing. More and more deaths are linked to the fake drug trade, much to the dissatisfaction of the company. The problem of counterfeit medicine has affected not only the credibility of the healthcare system, but also that of pharmaceutical professionals, which is the reason why they felt the need to take action. What Gallene Sciences wants is to reduce the negative impacts of fake medicines, and help restore a positive image to the healthcare industry, as highlighted in their mission statement.

For those who do not know, Fight the Fakes is a movement whose purpose is to raise awareness about the dangers associated with counterfeit drugs. Health care organizations, schools of pharmacy, and, last but not least, manufacturers have joined the campaign, coordinating their efforts so as to put an end to the fake medicine trend. What Fight the Fakes does is offer people who have been affected by fake drugs the opportunity to tell their story. The movement can be characterized as a global one, having developed considerable over time. It is only normal to ask what the role of Gallene Sciences is in all of this. Well, they lend their support to the campaign, making available a website where those who have been deeply affected by counterfeit medicine to tell other people what they have gone through. In addition to this, the pharmaceuticals company makes available opportunities to fight fake medicine.

Even when they do not lead to death, fake drugs result in unfavorable outcomes. People who take counterfeit medicine basically endanger their lives, examples of problems that they face being illness and disability. What is worrying is that the trade with fake drugs is facilitated by organizations with authority, organizations which are corrupt, nonetheless. Taking into consideration that India and Nigeria count the most significant numbers of deaths, the launch of the Fight the Fakes campaign has been nothing than beneficial. Gallene Sciences, together with a number of others, will work with Fight the Fakes on various fronts, other than the ones mentioned before. It is important to stress that Fight the Fakes now has an important weapon: lawyers. And they are going to use it.

Now, a little bit more about Gallene Sciences. Gallene Sciences is a pharmaceuticals company based in India with extensive experience in drug manufacturing and marketing; they own the registered trademark MyoGen. What distinguishes this commercial company from others is the fact that they are fully dedicated to ensuring drug safety. Unlike many others, Gallene Sciences has understood the role that companies play in the pharmaceutical industry and they take action in this respect. It is best if their efforts meet with success. In any case, Fight the Fakes campaign will benefit from their help.

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