Indigenous tribes

  • A sneak into the Aymara’s sacred places

    Architecture and geography is the voice of the history for the Aymara beliefs.

  • Air of discontent around Cerrejón mine

    Colombia's indigenous people who claim their health and environment has suffered due to work at the Cerrejón coal mine are dismayed by the operation’s expansion

  • Alba Eiragi Duarte is the first

    The Paraguayan Writers Society welcomes the first indigenous woman poet. 

  • Art’s role in saving Guatemala’s biodiversity

    Protecting traditional knowledge of indigenous peoples can preserve biodiversity and improve the livelihoods of its people. 

  • Aztec culture reborn with a drink

    Mexicans have made “Pulque” out of the maguey for centuries, but the viscous drink was not appreciated in the early 1970s when it got a bad reputation as a drink for the local and the poor. 

  • Brazil’s indigenous protest in congress, presidential palace

    The communities denounce the government's 'neoliberal program' and want to know of possible changes in the demarcation of indigenous lands.

  • Culture through her voice

    Proud of being an Oaxacan indigenous woman, the soprano María Reyna González shares the sounds of the Mixe language to the world.

  • Development threatens to leave indigenous peoples behind

    Private partnerships and fast track development is worrying indigenous leaders as it would continue to ignore their rights. 

  • Did ancient tribes shaped the Amazon?

    New research shows the Amazon was partly shaped by indigenous peoples thousands of years ago.

  • Did Vikings arrive first?

    Latin American indigenous pre-Columbian art pieces might suggest Spanish culture was not the first to step into our lands.

  • From the past to the table

    Strength gathered to learn from the millennial indigenous gastronomy, Latin America is a unique region by its ingredients and its traditions.

  • Guatemala: new Year’s resolution

    With an ancestral ceremony, a hundred people joined in Guatemala to commemorate the twentieth anniversary of the signing of peace, in a Mayan ritual in which they called for a firm and lasting peace.

  • Inca Hockey: A new year’s ritual!

    The indigenous game that has been kept until today is the proof of the syncretism and religious importance in Latin America!

  • Indigenous cuisine to be remembered

    In aims of creating identity, various Latin American chefs are getting back to the beginning of their culture to learn and to blend.

  • Indigenous groups in latam

    They are the first inhabitants of the American continent, speak a total of 560 languages and have countless varied and rich traditions: the 42 million indigenous people across Latin America.

  • Indigenous people in Latin America remain the most disadvantaged

    The access to education for indigenous people should be a priority for governments. 

  • Indigenous people of the Americas have new hope for justice

    June 15 was a historic day. After 17 years of negotiations, the American Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples was approved. That’s cause for celebration.

  • Indigenous recognition keeps growing strong

    Indigenous communities have gained significant progress in claiming their rights, promoted by the Bolivarian government, including highlights in their recognition in the Constitution and inclusion in social welfare missions. 

  • Indigenous women role in Latin America

    Indigenous women took massive part of the struggles for land and defense of their ethnicity. Cacicas, mamma tallo, commandos, amazonas, warriors, various are the names that these indigenous heroines received, fighters in the liberation of their peoples in the Spanish conquest, and foreign domination.

  • Major Amazon dam opposed by tribes fails to get environmental license

    Brazil’s environmental regulator rules the dam’s backers had failed to supply information to show its social and environmental impact

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