• Venezuelan government frees five opposition politicians

    Five Venezuelan opposition politicians were freed from detention on Monday, a day after the government and the opposition held talks on how to end the country's political crisis.

  • Venezuelan Artists Call for Peace & Unity in Uplifting 'Mis Ilusiones'

    Venezuela's political crisis has caused indignation among many, but during times of turmoil, Venezuelan artists including actors, musicians and athletes united in a powerful music video to send a message of hope and unity. 

  • Venezuela's future won't be settled in the streets

    Venezuela's often divided opposition needs to put forward a compelling vision.

  • Venezuela's deepening crisis

    There are long lines outside food markets selling subsidized goods. The majority of medications considered "essential" by the World Health Organization have vanished from many hospitals and pharmacies.

  • Venezuela's crisis impacts on Colombia and Cuba

    The only sustainable peace in Colombia and true democracy in Cuba requires peace in Venezuela.

  • Venezuela's apocalypse: The media at war

    In one of the more headache-inducing video clips in recent memory, Fox Business Network presents us with its version of the current crisis in Venezuela - where economic mismanagement under the leadership of President Nicolas Maduro has converged with a drop in global oil prices to produce runaway inflation and a shortage of basic goods. 

  • Venezuela prepares for huge opposition march in Caracas

    Venezuelan opposition leaders have called on their supporters to gather in the capital on Thursday for what they have dubbed the "Takeover of Caracas".

  • Venezuela jails ex-San Cristobal mayor Daniel Ceballos

    Wife says ex-San Cristobal mayor transported to jail in ambulance after being told he was being taken for medical exam.

  • Venezuela hecha metáfora

    “La Soledad” del cineasta Jorge Thielen Armand es su catarsis perfecta para mostrar la caótica situación de Venezuela.

  • Venezuela crisis: Bus drivers bring chaos to Caracas

    Bus drivers in the Venezuelan capital, Caracas, paralysed the city for eight hours on Wednesday by blocking the streets with their vehicles to protest against the country's economic crisis.

  • Venezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution

    Venezuela's military has taken control of five ports in an effort to guarantee supplies of food and medicine.

  •  Venezuela's Suprem Court

    US sanctions 8 judges on Venezuela's Suprem Court

    The U.S. imposed a new round of sanctions on high-level Venezuelan officials, this time targeting eight Supreme Court judges

  • The clock is ticing on Brazil’s political crisis

    Dilma Rousseff’s chances of remaining in office are diminishing by the day. On march 18th the clock started ticking for Dilma Rousseff. The lower house of Brazil’s Congress voted to start the impeachment process against the president

  • Brazilian economic crisis

    The Brazilian economic crisis persists

    Corruption accusations have finally reached the president Michel Temer and it seems as if the pursuit of economic stability will suffer.

  • Rafael Dudamel

    Rafael Dudamel Presidente de Venezuela

    El 7 de junio de 2017 será recordado como una de las grandes fechas de la Republicana venezolana.

  • No easy outcomes in Brazil’s political crisis

    Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff would appear to be, as she herself recently said, “a card out of the deck” of those in power, after the crushing defeat she suffered Sunday Apr. 17 in the lower house of Congress, which voted to impeach her.

  • Los venezolanos arriesgan la vida para escapar del colapso económico

    Los venezolanos huyen por mar, una imagen simbólica que recuerda a las peligrosas travesías para escapar de Cuba o Haití

  • Las dos Venezuelas

    El discurso oficial del gobierno venezolano afirma que no hay crisis sino conspiración, que no hay escasez, que no hay hambre.

  • Is it fair to compare Venezuela with Ukraine?

    Two years ago, public protests erupted in both Kyiv and Caracas. Whereas Ukraine’s Revolution of Dignity quickly took power, political change in Venezuela followed a much slower path.

  • Inter-American Commission's budget crisis

    The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR or Commission) announced that a budget crisis was forcing it to “suspend visits it had planned for this year, as well as its 159th and 160th sessions,”

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