•  zany vloggers

    YouTube Rules Brazil's Brave New Media World

    How a host of zany vloggers became some of the country’s most influential public figures.

  • Yellow fever outbreak in Brazil prompts a state of emergency

    The governor of the Minas Gerais State in southeastern Brazil declared a public health emergency on Friday over an outbreak of yellow fever that appears to have killed at least 10 people so far and led to reports of more than 100 suspected cases of the disease.

  • Will brazilians cancel carnival?

    At least 48 towns or cities in eight Brazilian states have canceled Carnival festivities this year because they are suffering from the worst recession in the country’s recent history.

  • When a “coup” is not a coup

    How should presidential systems deal with political breakdown?

  • What to expect when the presidents of Brazil and Argentina meet

    South America’s biggest economies want to work more closely together. That will not be easy

  • What to do in Manaos, Brazil

    Here are some of the things you must do when you visit Manaos.

  • What lies behind turmoil in Brazil

    A president faces impeachment, a signs of voters fed up with corruption and looking for blame. The ultimate answer, however, lies in choosing and voting for moral candidates.

  • Venezuela, Ecuador and Bolivia freeze relations with Brazil

    Venezuela on Wednesday withdrew its ambassador from Brazil and froze ties in response to president Dilma Rousseff's removal from office.

  • Venezuela and the Latin American debt crisis

    Venezuela and the Latin American debt crisis

    What happens after a country defaults on its debt?

  • US Dept of Agriculture studying Brazil's agricultural success

    Over the last 25 years, the US farmer has become increasingly aware of the impact of South American agricultural output on the global supply of grains and oilseeds. For example, in recent years Brazil has risen to the number one position as an exporter of soybeans.

  • Urban graffiti takes Brazilian streets

    The graffiti is gaining more presence in Brazil, especially in Sao Paulo, a gray city that lends itself to colorful murals, but Rio de Janeiro does not stay back, where a couple of weeks ago opened the world's largest one, whose author is preparing a project Mexico City.

  • U.S. and Brazil bolster olympics security

    Worried about possible terrorist attacks at the Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s government is working closely with American law enforcement and intelligence services to identify threats and thwart potential disasters at the Games.

  • Two weeks later, the Brazilian meat scandal continues

    The scandal of Brazilian meat companies, including JBS and BRF, is far from forgotten. Still under investigation, the meat market in Brazil is suffering from the effects of the bribes and tainted meat accusations.

  • Tijuca Park : the heart of Rio

    Tijuca Park : the heart of Rio

    It offers endless paths where visitors can explore rivers, waterfalls, museums, different foods, and many more

  • There Is No Coup in Brazil: OAS

    The US ambassador for the OAS (Organisation of American States) dismissed the notion that a coup is underway in Brazil.

  • There has never been a better time for Latin American integration

    In theory, internal borders should not exist in Mercosur. In practice, customs, sanitary inspections and other paperwork mean that the trucks are delayed for up to 24 hours

  • The importance of saving the Amazon

    While the Earth’s oceans are our largest carbon sinks, in terms of land ecosystems, the Amazon stores 10 percent of the world’s carbon, probably more than anywhere else on the planet.

  • The fight for Brazil's future

    The Brazilian youth is leading the resistance to legislation that would reverse social gains and protect wealthy elites.

  • The fall of the most important Brazilian

    The Petrobras scandal has caused the fall of Lula da Silva, but brazilians have become so accustomed to revelations of wrongdoing that they treated news of Lula’s forthcoming trial almost as a non-event.

  • The End of the World? In Brazil, It’s Already Here

    A constitutional amendment passed by the Senate last month is being called “the end of the world” amendment by its opponents. Why? Because the consequences of the amendment look disastrous — and long lasting.

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