Profitable pickups may be in cross hairs of Trump border tax

Multinationals in Mexico say trump unlikely to tear apart NAFTA

Former Uruguayan president Mujica warns of "Trade Wars"

Uruguay committed to reaching free-trade deal with China

Peru proposes new Asia-Pacific deal after US exit TPP

Mercosur and EU look to 2017

Peru’s trade agreement with Honduras takes effect in 2017

India looks favorably upon possible trade agreements with LatAm

How can Obama explain the failure of the TPP?

Peru president lends loud voice in defending free trade

Latin America and China: A golden opportunity

Macri, Trudeau back international trade to help middle class

Colombia and Turkey hold burgeoning economic relationship

Bolivia’s President argues that Chile has harmed their economy

Central America and South Korea conclude trade deaal talks

China hopes president’s Latin American tour will boost economic ties

Mexico willing to discuss Nafta with US

Mexico prepares economic contingency plan for possible Trump presidency

No Mercosur objection to Uruguay-China trade talks

Brazil’s Consumer and Trade Confidence indexes increase

Mercosur/China trade agreement

Trade protectionism would hurt both Mexico and the US

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