3 Amazingly scenic train trips in Mexico and Central America

The golden age of rail travel is long gone. But there are still some great long-distance train rides in Latin America that conjure up some of the excitement

A Tale of Two Ice Creams, in Havana Cuba

The ice cream shop Coppelia is practically a landmark in Cuba. Owned by the Cuban government, the Havana-based parlor has sold the dessert since the 1960s. It is now an iconic place for both Cubans and visitors.

Visit Nicaragua’s El Castillo, ancient bastion vs. pirates

A 341-year-old fortress in southern Nicaragua that was formerly a bastion against English pirates is nowadays a growing tourist attraction.

7 Aquariums in Latin America you must visit

If size matters, then you might need to plan several trips before you decide which is the biggest aquarium in Latin America, since at least three make the claim. But that doesn’t mean that they’re all worth a visit

Colombia steps up efforts to keep tourist sites litter-free

Colombia kicked off a campaign on Monday to raise local awareness about the importance of keeping tourist sites clean.

How to get a 16% sales tax cut when visiting Colombia

Foreign visitors to Colombia no longer have to pay the country’s 16% sales tax for certain items. Here is how a visitor is able to get their maximum of $1000 equivalent in tax returns.

How to get a 16% sales tax cut when visiting Colombia

Foreign visitors to Colombia no longer have to pay the country’s 16% sales tax for certain items. Here is how a visitor is able to get their maximum of $1000 equivalent in tax returns.

The lesser-known way to Machu Picchu

With Peru’s more famous Inca Trail becoming increasingly overrun, the lesser-known Salkantay Trek is quickly gaining a reputation as both a less-crowded and more strenuous alternative.

The 5 destinations in Latam you’ve got to visit

If you’re looking for Latin America vacation inspiration this year, here are some ideas on what should be in your itinerary.

Making a Day Excursion to Joatinga Beach in Rio de Janeiro

Joatinga is close enough to get to on a day trip in Rio, and offers a pristine oasis with striking scenery.

1 million foreign tourists in Cuba since New year

Cuba has welcomed 1 million foreign tourists to date in 2016, a 14.6 percent surge over the same period last year, the Tourism Ministry, or Mintur, reported.

Obama's trip to Cuba lets US tourist know better the island

To make room for Obama’s entourage, tourists are being moved from Havana to Varadero, a beautiful resort and beach that’s off-limits to Americans

Cuba's struggle to cope with the tourism boom

U.S. officials expected to sign an agreement with Cuba, allowing up to 30 direct flights from the U.S. a day. Tourism is one of Cuba's primary sources of income.

10 delicious things you need to try in Peru

When traveling, try to immerse yourself in new cultures as much as you can. One way to do that is try the local food. From cocktails to cuisine here is a nod to some of Peru's must try dishes.

Série a samba schools to parade february 6th in Rio Carnival

The remaining seven Série A samba schools will parade in Rio de Janeiro's Sambódromo on February 6th as part of the 2016 Carnival competition

Drones to be used in beach rescues in Rio de Janeiro

Drones equipped with cameras will scan waters and aid rescuers in locating the exact position of possible drowning victims at Rio's beaches.

The million colors of Pasto’s Blacks and Whites carnival

The city of Pasto began 2016 with its annual Blacks and Whites carnival, one of the most important and colorful cultural events in Colombia.

Barra Grande: the place to celebrate New Year in Brazil

Located on a the tip of a remote peninsula in Bahia, Barra Grande is a sleepy tropical hideaway that comes to life over the holiday period.

Punta del Este

If you want to visit a real life paradise, Punta Del Este is the best choice. Considered as one of the most beautiful beaches of South America, it is a luxurious and beautiful destination that offers a seductive cycle of daily sunbathing and nightly carousing among other things.

Tips on how to drink Yerba Mate

Anyone how loves Argentina should taste the Matte. It is a good choice for drinking while working since it is a stimulant of caffeine. If you visit Argentina it is to be found everywhere. Below you will find where does this grass come from and how its strange taste involves people.

Chile through a lens: Walking through the parks of Santiago

Like every big city, Santiago has a lot of traffic, stress and noice to offer, Luckily, there are great parks arround where you are able to relax and take some time out.

Best adventures in Costa Rica

You could be in Costa Rica for a number of years—nearly three in my case—and never complete all of its adventures. They are seemingly infinite. The other thing they are is extreme. 

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