Tracking pumas in Patagonia

Though tricky to spot, pumas inhabit Chile's Torres Del Paine National Park. Quasar Expeditions launched its first puma trekking safaris in the park this year. The park is one of the best places in the wolrd to spot the cat in tha wild.

Bolivia: Take time to know LatAm´s most misunderstud country

Bolivia brims with unique and barely-visited landscapes and cultures. It offers everything from the Salar de Uyuni, the world’s largest salt flats, to the Parque Nacional Madidi – one of the most biologically diverse places on earth, plus a wealth of ancient indigenous customs and traditions.

Backpacker diaries: travellers' tales from South America

travelling to South America is always an adventure. The magic of the countryside, picturesque towns,  food is always a challenge, and  the warm of the people, makes it worthwhile.

Mud volcano: Dip into Colombia's messiest attraction

Colombia's mud volcano -- Volcán de Lodo El Totumo -- is arguably the country's messiest attraction. An attendant waits for a group of tourists to visit the mineral-rich mud bath, about 45 minutes from Cartagena.

Peru: in search of Paititi, the lost city of the Incas

According to legend, and a scrap of parchment discovered in the Vatican archives in 2001, it might be where we’d come: deep in the Peruvian Amazon, where the rainforest runs up against the Andes. The lost city of Paititi, final redoubt of the Incas; a real-life El Dorado in some of the last uncharted territory on the planet. 

'You say goodbye, I say Dubai'

Dubai, a mega-rich city that could be described as a Western safe haven situated in a region that is typically anything but. And Panma City, the Miami of Latin America. The big drawback is the rather considerable flight time. In fact, at 17 hours and 35 minutes westbound

Ecuador's 'out of line' equator

The point where countless tourists put a foot each side of the line emanating from this monument, in order to be in each hemisphere at the same time, well they're actually still fully in the Southern Hemisphere.

Eight of the greats: South American marvels

When talked about in a business and political sense, South America is seen as unstable at best. However, it has some spectacular natural beauty spots that have long been standing the test of time and rival the best this planet has to offer.

Cuban hospitality at its best

Homestays have long been the best way for travellers to experience authentic Cuban hospitality – and now finding one has become easier than ever.

Rio's favelas to accommodate visitors to 2016 Olympics

With one year to go, Rio hopes for lasting change.  For most foreign visitors to Rio de Janeiro, the thought of spending the night in one of the city's favelas or shanty towns is a scary proposition.

Cusco named Latin America’s best city for third time

For third year in a row, Cusco city has been named top destination in the Mexico & Central & South America category of the U.S. travel magazine Travel+Leisure, which conducted a survey aimed at its readers and frequent travelers.

US cruise company to sail to Cuba

The world's largest cruise company, Carnival Corp, says it has received approval from the US government to offer trips to Cuba from Miami.

In Chile’s Elqui Valley, Intergalactic Sightseeing Is the Star

Mamalluca is one of about a dozen observatories in northern Chile’s Elqui Valley region that cater to astrotourists (once known simply as stargazers). An oasis in an otherwise arid landscape, the roughly 90-mile-long valley stretches from the Pacific Ocean eastward into the Andean foothills.

Offbeat Bogotá

Bogotá bound: things to know before you arrive. If you're making your way to Colombia by air, there's a pretty good chance that Bogotá

Argentina's Mendoza wine route: top 10 guide

Mendoza’s spectacular Andean scenery is heady enough, and that’s before you even start on the wine. Here’s our pick of where to go for tastings, the best restaurants and where to sleep it all off

Yage Tourism: Vomiting and visions in Colombia

People have traveled from as far as Spain, the United States and Germany to take the potion, a hallucinatory drug that some compare to LSD or peyote. After chanting in a singsong cadence and spreading a pungent incense around the maloka, Mutumbajoy warns the celebrants about some side effects of the "purification" ritual.

Hotspot Chile! (And not just for football)

If you happen to find yourself Chile-bound over the next three weeks or so and are ignorant of football, you might be in for a little shock.

Mérida: Almost perfect

The very mention of Venezuela to most people these days conjures up images of danger, political strife and economic woes. And by all accounts, such thoughts are not far off the mark.

US approves licenses for passenger ferry service with Cuba

The US Treasury Department has approved licenses for passenger ferry service between the United States and Cuba, a Treasury Department official announced.

Cuba calling: US Tourist flood expected

OK, it's a bit too soon to start calling it the new 51st state (Puerto Rico, prepare to take a step back), but the United States' influence on its once politically-isolated island neighbour, Cuba, is set to grow substantially.

The land of trout and gauchos

In the remote valley of the Cisnes there is no phone signal and no wi-fi. Even people are few and far between. But there is one thing that draws in tourists - the trout, as Tom Fort found on a fly-fishing trip to Patagonia.

Astro-boom offers big bang for the buck in Chile

Chile will host 70 percent of global astronomic infrastructure by 2020 - with a boom in tech innovation and tourism.

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