Is your kid entitled?

Here's how to figure out if your kid is entitled, why it's happening and how to change the trajectory before he or she reaches adulthood.

Social campaign targets child sex tourism in Lima

In an effort to eliminate sex exploitation in the country, a collaborative effort between an NGO and Peru government officials has launched a campaign in Lima demonstrating the harsh punishment for committing the crime.

Parents, help your child be happy, not just successful

Parents shouldn't be at all interested just in which colleges her children end up at. Instead of pushing their kids into the extracurricular activities and volunteering that could get them a ticket to an Ivy League,they should be interested in allowing her children to explore their own pathway.

Childhood allergies and long-term health risk

A new study suggests that children with allergic diseases, such as asthma, hay fever or eczema, are more likely to have high blood pressure or high cholesterol, which are also risk factors for heart disease at a young age.

School meals bolster family farming in Brazil

A The law passed in 2009, requires that at least 30 percent of the funds that municipal governments receive from the National Fund for the Development of Education go towards the purchase of food produced by local family farmers.