El diálogo en Venezuela, atascado

Mientras el conductor del régimen chavista asegura que no dejará el gobierno “ni con los votos ni con las balas”, la MUD pide elecciones adelantadas y referendo revocatorio

El chavismo cierra su círculo

Cualquier diálogo que se produzca no debe ser visto como una alternativa al referendo, sino que debe centrarse en restaurar el derecho del pueblo a elegir a sus líderes.

Chavismo Full Circle

Any dialogue that occurs should not be seen as an alternative to the referendum but should focus primarily on restoring the people’s right to choose their leaders

Has the Venezuelan state created the hunger games?

The Venezuelan government has become one of the world’s cruelest teasers. It has created unspeakable hardships for the populace and, at the same time, is taking advantage of those hardships to introduce new forms of political control.

Venezuela's deepening crisis

There are long lines outside food markets selling subsidized goods. The majority of medications considered "essential" by the World Health Organization have vanished from many hospitals and pharmacies.

Venezuela gets a new Comandante

President Nicolas Maduro's decision last week to put Venezuela's armed forces in charge of food and other basic goods. Did we just saw the end of Venezuela's democracy?

Opioid crisis: What can be done?

Nearly 2 million people abuse or are dependent on prescription opioids, and more than half a million abuse or are dependent on heroin—statistics that have skyrocketed over the past decade.