Alianzas Electorales

Las llamadas alianzas de camisetazos están de moda, algunas en ofertas, que invitan a sus filas, a ¨cualquiera¨que tenga aunque algunos votos que presentar.

Decisiones electorales Ecuador 2017

A escasas semanas de iniciar el proceso de inscripción oficial de candidaturas en el CNE (18 de octubre), el ambiente electoral en Ecuador, transcurre entre una densa neblina mediática

FARC dissidents forming criminal groups in Ecuador

These preliminary reports suggest that FARC members in western Colombia could be abandoning the guerrilla group to pursue illegal activities that fighters would be expected to give up in the event of a peace agreement

The Sun is God for Andean Indians

The sun is viewed as God by the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Andes, who celebrate the summer solstice with a feast of thanksgiving for the harvest and life itself.

President Correas' final year

“This last year will be the handling of the earthquake crisis, and dealing with the economic problems that we’re already facing,” said Correa

Galápagos Islands gain a new guardian

A small, energetic young woman named Africa Berdonces, who rides a beat-up bicycle and often wears flip-flops, has been put in charge of managing the Galápagos Islands, one of the world’s environmental treasures.

Shark sanctuary in Galapagos

Ecuador's President, Rafael Correa, announced the creation of the marine sanctuary on Monday. Over 47,000 km2 surrounding the Galapagos Islands will be protected.

Ecuador’s very own Silicon Valley

All development miracles in recent history seem to include technological industry at its core, and Ecuador seems to understand this very well. Yachay Tech is educating Ecuadorians in cutting edge technologies.

Ecuador legislature lifts presidential re-election limit

Ecuador's legislature approves several controversial constitutional amendments, including one allowing the president to be re-elected indefinitely.. This contradicts what Correa said a couple of weeks ago, about not seekin his reelection

Cubans now need visa to enter Ecuador

Ecuador will begin requiring Cubans to get visas to enter beginning December 1. The Latin American country has said it wants to discourage a flow of migrants.

Ecuador: Small country, many tastes

Ecuador's cuisine ranges from the Pacific to the Andes to the Amazon basin. Everyone just wanted to talk about the guinea pigs: Yes, they were cute. Yes, they come roasted. Yes, they were delicious, and if you couldn’t get into them, were you sure you’d come to the right message board?

Rafael Correa won’t seek re-election

Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa is praising national assembly loyalists for supporting his proposal to amend the constitution so that he can’t seek re-election in 2017.

Living in Ecuador is more expensive every day

Life in Ecuador is more expensive, this is the citizen and business perception. But it is also what the figures of the World Bank reveal. Prices have risen in Ecuador more than double as in the United States almost every year for the past seven years.