Why Ecuador matters!!

We just witnessed part 1 of the presidential race in Ecuador, where thanks to a divided opposition, the government-backed candidate Lenin Moreno secured participation in the run-off election scheduled for April 2nd.

OAS is in Ecuador for general elections

The Organization of American States Electoral Observation Mission (OAS/EOM) to the general elections and referendum that will be held in Ecuador on February 19 began its deployment this week.

Alianzas Electorales

Las llamadas alianzas de camisetazos están de moda, algunas en ofertas, que invitan a sus filas, a ¨cualquiera¨que tenga aunque algunos votos que presentar.

Decisiones electorales Ecuador 2017

A escasas semanas de iniciar el proceso de inscripción oficial de candidaturas en el CNE (18 de octubre), el ambiente electoral en Ecuador, transcurre entre una densa neblina mediática

FARC dissidents forming criminal groups in Ecuador

These preliminary reports suggest that FARC members in western Colombia could be abandoning the guerrilla group to pursue illegal activities that fighters would be expected to give up in the event of a peace agreement

The Sun is God for Andean Indians

The sun is viewed as God by the indigenous peoples of the Ecuadorian Andes, who celebrate the summer solstice with a feast of thanksgiving for the harvest and life itself.

President Correas' final year

“This last year will be the handling of the earthquake crisis, and dealing with the economic problems that we’re already facing,” said Correa

Galápagos Islands gain a new guardian

A small, energetic young woman named Africa Berdonces, who rides a beat-up bicycle and often wears flip-flops, has been put in charge of managing the Galápagos Islands, one of the world’s environmental treasures.