Air of discontent around Cerrejón mine

Colombia's indigenous people who claim their health and environment has suffered due to work at the Cerrejón coal mine are dismayed by the operation’s expansion

Zika epidemic may not be as bad as feared

In the nine months since the Zika virus appeared in Colombia, the government has reported nearly than 17,000 cases among pregnant women. But the epidemic has not produced the dreaded wave of fetal deformities witnessed in Brazil.

Why so many women body-shame themselves

Research suggests that this habit of body-shaming can actually lead to weight gain over time and one 2012 study conducted by the University of Notre Dame found that women who make negative comments about their figures are significantly less likable than women who embrace their figures.

Parents, help your child be happy, not just successful

Parents shouldn't be at all interested just in which colleges her children end up at. Instead of pushing their kids into the extracurricular activities and volunteering that could get them a ticket to an Ivy League,they should be interested in allowing her children to explore their own pathway.

Kids and protein powder: What you should know

Casey Seidenberg,talked about the risks of consuming large volumes of protein powders as a growing youth and gave out some healthier alternatives to help children get the nutrients they need while healthfully building muscle.

Discussing mental health with men

The topic of men's physical and mental health has been steadily gaining attention. From stalled men's health legislation in 2001 to the "Movember" movement, awareness of the health challenges men face now seems to be reaching a fever pitch.

8 great hacks to sleep better tonight

A bad night of sleep is almost always a recipe for an unproductive day ahead. You know this all too well: you're groggy, you're irritable, you're making stupid mistakes, and suddenly, simple tasks seem complicated.

Big backpacks equal big problems

Like little turtles with limbs poking out from their shells, kids shuffle their way to school every day wearing giant backpacks. Even high school students have to bend forward to lug their heavy books and binders to and from school. It’s frustrating and looks a little silly, but is it dangerous?

Are any foods safe to eat anymore?

Many of our favourite foods are not the ticking time bomb we have been led to believe. Is bacon really as bad for you as cigarettes? Will coffee give you a heart attack? Do wheat-eaters suffer “brain fog”? here are some of the fears – and the facts.