Welcome to Guayana

Few places on the planet offer raw adventure as authentic as densely forested Guyana. 

What Latin America can learn from Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is hardly a model country, but it has laid out a plan to end its dependence on oil, something that many Latin American countries, that depend on commodity exports for more than 80 percent of their export income, should learn from

Inter-American Commission's budget crisis

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR or Commission) announced that a budget crisis was forcing it to “suspend visits it had planned for this year, as well as its 159th and 160th sessions,”

Latam women sex health problems

Access to potentially life-saving contraception and abortion can be a lottery for women and girls in Latin America, often depending on their ability to pay or the personal and religious views of a health worker.

The latest blow to Latam's leftist leaders

Three things are behind the left’s fall from grace. The first is the end of the commodity boom. The second is corruption, especially in Venezuela and Brazil. Third, after a decade or more of left-wing dominance voters want fresh faces and the alternation of power.

Citibank selling consumer banking in Latam

Citibank is planning to sell the consumer banking operations it has run for a century in Argentina, Brazil and Colombia as South America’s three biggest economies suffer a major downturn.

5 things to know about Latin America’s economy

After a decade of high growth thanks to the commodity super cycle, Latin America has lost its glow: economic growth is near zero, equality gains have stalled, and the political landscape is changing.

Around the world in 80 anthems hits Colombia

Capri Everitt, an 11-year-old girl from Vancouver, Canada and her family will travel to 80 countries to sing 80 anthems in 41 languages in an effort to raise $1 million for SOS Children’s Villages

South America’s Culture of Graft

South America is a vast continent of light, yet it has a dark soul. Nestled in its political class, like a snake from the rain forest, corruption poisons the core of government.

Latin American exports fall for third year running

Exports from Latin America and the Caribbean will drop about 14% in 2015 due to a steep decline in prices and weak demand for the region’s main exports from key trading partners, according to a new report from the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB).

LatAm perspectives on climate finance and the COP21 summit

Latin America has been called the “squeezed middle” in global climate policy circles. The region is not a big emitter like some major countries in Asia, nor is it as in need of as much development assistance as some countries in Africa. Here the insights of four experts on climate finance

The demographic revolution

The number of people aged over 60 will double by 2050. Latin America is one of the world's regions that is aging most rapidly.