Putin forges new alliances with Peru and LatAm

The commencement of the United Nation’s Climate Talks in Paris on November 30 provided an opportune venue for Russia’s president Vladimir Putin to forge alliances with Latin American leaders.

How culture affects work practices in LatAm

The Latin American business model as a hybrid of globalization and the region’s historic traditions. This is the cultural framework that defines Human Resource practices within the Latin American company

Bringing up better babies

Inequality starts at birth, but some Government programmes may be harming rather than helping the youngest Latin Americans

Brazil: Desperate times, desperate moves

Beset by dismal economic data, Dilma Rousseff tosses Congress a challenge. WHEN a president has single-figure approval ratings, faces calls for her impeachment, and has lost control of her political base, is she in a position to play hardball with the country’s legislators? Brazilians will soon find out.

South America may face a perfect economic storm

Listening to the business-as-usual speeches by the leaders of Argentina, Bolivia, Venezuela and other South American countries in the wake of China’s economic slowdown, it seems like they are living on a different planet. They are still bragging about their countries’ abundant natural resources and raw materials, as if that mattered much in the new world of Google, Apple and Uber.

The Duracell leaders

Latin American politicians need to know when to retire. “All political careers end in failure,” observed Enoch Powell, a British politician. But in Latin America, some seem never to end at all.

Transatlantic reflections

Populist parallels between Europe and Latin America. Seen from Latin America, the agonies of the euro zone arouse a sickening sense of déjà vu. The limits on withdrawals from Greek banks mimic the corralito (“little fence”) imposed by Domingo Cavallo, Argentina’s finance minister in 2001

Rate (or is that hate?) my president

These could be seen as worrying times for a host of Latin American presidents and their associated governments. That's if the latest opinion polls are to be believed; and as ever, such indicators have to be treated with caution.

Foreign Direct Investment in LatAm

Foreign direct investment (FDI) in Latin America fell in 2014, down 16 percent to $159 billion according to the latest ECLAC report. This outpaced global declines closer to 7 percent, and fell far behind other emerging markets, which saw investments rise 5 percent on average, and 15 percent in Asia

More Europeans migrate to LatAm than the other way around

The International Organization for Migration, IOM released a study on Monday revealing a trend of increased migration flows from the European Union (EU) to Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region, and a marked decrease in the movement of people in the other direction.

Time to talk about India and LatAm

In the past 15 years, according to the International Monetary Fund (IMF), India’s bilateral trade with Latin America and the Caribbean has grown more than twenty-fold, reaching $44.6 billion in 2013.

A recipe to fight corruption in Latin America

An old joke about Latin America’s corruption that is making the rounds on the Internet says government officials from several countries were asked the same question: “Honestly, what’s your opinion about hunger in the rest of the world?”

Goodbye gringo, come on in chino?

Times have moved on and in many ways for the better, but where we once had the USSR, now we have a potent China providing a viable alternative to Washington's way.

Water an election issue in Latin America?

This year, tens of millions of voters will go to the polls in several Latin American countries shaken by violence and stuttering economies. But the issue that decides their vote may be as close as the nearest faucet.

How Latin America, Europe, and Africa see China

China’s Asia-Pacific neighbors perceive its rise with a certain level of anxiety, stemming from China’s ambiguous strategic ambitions. Each region’s attitude is nuanced and subject to constant fluctuations stemming from Chinese policies and practices.

Climate change mitigation and adaptation in LatAm

By now the fact that climate change is a global environmental, social and economic threat comes as a surprise to few. Many world leaders even call climate change the single greatest threat to humanity in this century.  Latin American cities are particularly vulnerable to the devastating effects of climate change.

Brutal murders show violence women face in Latin America

Statistics are incomplete and inconsistently kept across the region. But where they are available, they are startling: Domestic violence kills nearly one woman a day in Argentina, more than five a day in Mexico and 15 a day in Brazil, for example. The issue has surged to the surface in Argentina, where a recent series of gruesome killings has raised new alarm.

A continent united in hope, for now

If there's one thing that unites South America, the love of football has to be it. Of course, in the same way that it unites, depending on who's playing, it can also divide.

The Cost of Corruption in Latin America

Guatemalans are steaming. Crowds of them have poured into the streets this month --  some 60,000 on May 16 alone  -- to protest  corruption and demand the ouster of President Otto Perez Molina.

Mercosur/EU officials will assess trade talks in Brussels

Mercosur foreign ministers will be meeting in June with the European Union Trade Commissionaire Cecilia Malmstrom to 'assess' the current negotiations for a comprehensive trade and cooperation agreement. The meeting in Brussels will be on the sidelines of the EU-Celac.

The Chinese chequebook

A Chinese scheme to build a railway across South America, crossing the Amazon rain forest, moves a step closer as Peru agrees to study the plan. Latin America needs to be more hard-headed with its big new partner

inequality limits reproductive rights in LatAm

This is not just an issue of competing liberal norms and conservative values. It is mainly about inequality in a region where the gulf between rich and poor remains huge. To access abortions, you either have to have the money to pay for illegal procedures or the funds to fly out of the country.

How to engineer a Latin American miracle

As we ask ourselves yet again: can the continent ever escape the boom-bust cycles that have left our economies trapped in middle income status? The answer lies in improving productivity—and, more specifically, what governments and businesses are willing to do to make it happen.

Latin America’s big education innovation

Here’s an interesting innovation that is taking place in Latin America: A company is paying for the college education of thousands of students in exchange for their commitment to pay back a small percentage of their salaries when — and if — they get a job.

Foreign direct investment in Peru

Peru has the fastest growing economy in South America, averaging 6.4% GDP growth over the last ten years. However, growth has slowed in the last year due to a reduction in metal prices, the decrease in value of the Nuevo Sol and the recovery of the US economy.

Understanding the drivers of prosperity in LatAm

A new World Bank Group report, “Shared Prosperity and Poverty Eradication in Latin America and the Caribbean”, explores the performance of eight countries to understand what has driven progress, and what it will take to sustain it.

LatAm divided between oil and green energy

Latin America spends billions of dollars subsidizing fossil fuels each year, but also has some of the world's largest renewable power programs, highlighting the energy-hungry region's divisions as it charts its future