Trump should not turn his back on Latin America

It is time for the Trump administration to pay at least some attention to Latin America. Even bankrupt Venezuela has been quicker and more generous than the United States during the tragedy that devastated Peru

Maduro vs Mercosur

Maduro warns Mercosur: “... take us out the door, we go back in through the window”

The Curse of Hypercorrection in Latin America

In the late 2000s, leftist politicians were leading countries all across Latin America. Today, most are in retreat, challenged by a new crop of would-be leaders promising to fix the problems created by the left.

Politics: A discredited profession

Young Latin Americans are political, but are not becoming politicians. The discredit of politics and the alienation of the young are common to democracies around the world.

The rise of new leaders against Morales

The governor of Bolivia’s La Paz province, Felix Patzi, said that no alternative political force to the party of President Morales exists at present, but predicted the rise of a new leadership capable of unifying a political organization to challenge him.

The Luddite Syndrome in the Americas

The Americas are poised to experience several development blockers as some of its leaders believe that progress entails institutional destruction in lieu of institutional refurbishment.

Kuczynski promises social revolution in Peru

President-elect Pedro Pablo Kuczynski issued an appeal for unity in Peru this weekey after winning a very close runoff election, and he announced the launching of a social revolution seeking equality among all Peruvians.