Nicaragua reelige a Ortega

Para bien y para mal, la figura del presidente nicaragüense Daniel Ortega está indisolublemente ligada a la de Anastasio Somoza, a quien él mismo ayudó a expulsar del poder el 19 de julio de 1979.

Nicaragua fourth time unlucky

Daniel Ortega, a former guerrilla commander who first won the presidency in 1985, is almost certain to win a third consecutive term, and his fourth overall.

‘Dynasty,’ the Nicaragua Version

The course of Mr. Ortega’s own political history should serve as reminder that overthrowing a government can be the citizens’ response when all other avenues for dissent are shut.

Finally, ... Kuczynski wins!!!

With all votes counted, the economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski appears to have won the majority of votes in Peru's cliff-hanger presidential election.

Fujimori versus anti-Fujimorismo

Fujimorismo represents more than just nostalgia for Mr Fujimori’s achievements of vanquishing the terrorism of the Shining Path and launching economic growth.

Kuczynski leads polls in Perú

Former World Bank economist Pedro Pablo Kuczynski continues to hold his lead over conservative Keiko Fujimori ahead of the June 5 runoff presidential election. Kuczynski is projected to win with 43% of the vote ahead of Fujimori's 39%

Keiko Fujimori still in the race for president

Peru's electoral board rejected appeals from disqualified presidential hopefuls Julio Guzman and Cesar Acuna for reinstatement in next month's elections, closing the door to a reversal of its controversial ruling.

Peru ruling party withdraws from elections

The governing Peruvian Nationalist Party on Friday withdrew from the April 10 elections, asking electoral authorities to remove from the ballot the names of all PNP candidates for national office

Peru bars second-place presidential candidate

The second-place candidate in Peru's presidential election was disqualified this week over procedural irregularities, upending the campaign and giving controversial frontrunner Keiko Fujimori a big boost with one month to go.