Can the World Help Venezuela Save Itself?

The United States, Colombia, Cuba and other Caribbean countries want to stabilize Venezuela’s oil exports and to prevent an escalation of violence, a breakdown of order and further floods of refugees.

Las dos Venezuelas

El discurso oficial del gobierno venezolano afirma que no hay crisis sino conspiración, que no hay escasez, que no hay hambre.

Will Venezuela’s dictatorship survive?

What can be done to halt Venezuela’s implosion, organise a humanitarian rescue and achieve a return to democracy? Radicals in the opposition trusted in a popular uprising.

Venezuela running out of cash

The Central Bank of Venezuela says the country is down to just $10.5 billion in foreign reserves. At the same time, Caracas has to meet debt obligations of $7.2 billion this year.

Could Venezuela be a top truism destination?

The World Economic Forum, on its Tourism competitiveness ranking of 2015, placed Venezuela as the 110 of 141 countries, just under Albania, Kuwait, Nicaragua and El Salvador. In the same year tourism income reached US$575 million

Papa Francisco, ¡dé un paso atrás en Venezuela!

Muchos de nosotros hemos alabado al Papa Francisco por su humildad y su tolerancia por las víctimas de la discriminación que el Vaticano había ignorado durante mucho tiempo, pero es hora de decirle alto y claro: ¡salga de Venezuela!

Venezuela’s MUD must hold primaries Now!

It seems that leaders of the opposition have reached a consensus on pressing for the regional elections. That is progress. And completing the following steps should not be too complicated for them