Big hit to women rights in El Salvador

Rights groups condemn opposition proposal to put sentences for abortion on a par with penalty for aggravated murder with extreme cruelty. the newly aproved abortion law change could leave women facing 50 years in jail

Gender equality is not a "women's only" concern

A United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) report highlights the importance of engaging boys and young men in gender equality movements and reproductive health and rights. Their engagement can help achieve full equality for women in the future and positively impact their lives.

Latam women sex health problems

Access to potentially life-saving contraception and abortion can be a lottery for women and girls in Latin America, often depending on their ability to pay or the personal and religious views of a health worker.

Tried by fire, Colombian women found a new voice

Women suffered the most from Colombia's five-decade war. Yet it also forced them to find a new political voice. They have gone from viewing themselves as victims to affirming their rights as citizens.

Bolivia celebrates its Cholitas!

Over a hundred indigenous women took part in the city of El Alto’s annual “Cholita” bike race. Held as part of October 11 events, celebrating indigenous women across Bolivia.

Argentine Women Call Out Machismo

It started with a single tweet. “They’re killing us.” A cry of deep despair from a female journalist that needed no explanation for women in Argentina: Within weeks, hundreds of thousands marched in cities across the nation with a single purpose — to demand an end to the killing.

Not one less: Argentina’s women take a powerful stand

Many Latin American men are known for their, let's say, less than discreet ways of showing their interest in women. Yet this, what some might describe as harmless male bravado, masks a much more serious and deadly truth: millions of women across the region continue to suffer from exploitation and male-inflicted violence on a daily basis.

Argentina: Rallies to Protect Women

Thousands of people rallied in cities across Argentina on Wednesday to demand more robust action to prevent violence against women after a spate of murders.