Is the end of cash inevitable?

Will cash disappear? Many technology cheerleaders believe so, and bitcoin sistems or experiments like Concepción in Colombia make the point,  but as Rose Eveleth discovers, the truth is more complicated.

US removes Cuba from trafficking list

The United States removes Cuba from the list of countries failing to combat human trafficking. The US says concerns remain about Cuban doctors and nurses allegedly being coerced into working on medical missions abroad

New Design Unveiled for Autonomous Flying Car

There’s no doubt that the 21st century has brought many instances of radical technological change. But doesn’t it seem like the coolest retro-future ideas from those 1950s science expos never materialized? Where are the jet packs, the lunar shuttles, the flying cars?

Politics in Colombia

The Post´s argument is that the transition from traditional to broker styles of clientelism in Colombia has weakened the capacity of Colombian political elites to deal with increasingly serious problems of social conflict and political violence.

Brazilian politics: The power behind the throne

In the three decades since the restoration of democracy in Brazil, the centrist Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement (PMDB) has rarely been out of power. The two presidents with no PMDB ministers in their cabinets had cause to regret it.

The Duracell leaders

Latin American politicians need to know when to retire. “All political careers end in failure,” observed Enoch Powell, a British politician. But in Latin America, some seem never to end at all.