Is the Spanish soccer league the best one today?

Spain has obtained the last 4 Champions Leagues, which accounts for the dominance of this country

Is the Spanish soccer league the best one today?

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UEFA statistics show that, for at least the last 5 years, La Liga outperforms its closest continental rivals, England, Italy, and Germany. When analyzing the coefficient of the last 5 seasons, including the current one, Spanish soccer has been quite superior to its competitors. The league accumulates a total of 103,998 points and is currently the best in Europe, overcoming the Premier League, which ranks second with 77,748 points.

In the last decade, the Spanish clubs have dominated the different European competitions (UEFA Champions League, and Europa League). The Spanish domain, in the last seasons of the Champions League and Europa League, places La Liga as the best in the world nowadays. Spain is the country with the largest number of triumphs raised since it has 17. This nation exceeds Italy and England, with 12 titles each.

Precisely since the 2013-14 season until 2016-17, Real Madrid has raised the earliest 3 times, while FC Barcelona has done it once. It is worth noting that two of those finals won by Real Madrid, 2014 and 2016, were precisely against their city rival, Atlético de Madrid. This last Spanish team has had good participation not only in Champions, but also in Europa League, by lifting the trophy of the second most important competition in Europe in 2 opportunities, in 2010 and in 2012. On the other hand, Sevilla, another Spanish club, has had important participations in Champions.

When analyzing the UEFA ranking by teams, in the general table, the Spanish teams also dominate. In the first 10 places, there are 4 clubs from La Liga. First, there is Real Madrid, followed by Atlético de Madrid in second place, Barcelona in fourth place, and Sevilla in sixth place. The top ten is completed by Bayern Munich (3), Juventus (5), Paris Saint Germain (7), Manchester City (8), Borussia Dortmund (9), and Arsenal (10).

However, in the current season, the ranking is dominated by Bayern Munich, followed by Real Madrid and Barcelona. Sevilla is in the tenth position and Atlético de Madrid in the fourteenth.

In the current Champions, the Spanish teams have also had an outstanding performance. Three teams from La Liga -Real Madrid, Barcelona, and Sevilla- will meet Juventus, Roma, and Bayern Munich in the quarterfinals of the competition. In fact, Spain is the league with the most representatives in the most important club tournament in Europe. In one of the keys, Manchester City and Liverpool will meet in a British duel, ensuring the participation of an English team in the semifinal round.

Spain has obtained the last 4 Champions Leagues. If this streak continued, for at least a couple of years, the Spaniards would equal what was done by the English teams between 1977 and 1982, when Liverpool, Notthingham Forest, and Aston Villa lifted the trophy of the now defunct Champions Cup.

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