Latin America takes Netflix: 4 series to see what being a Latino is like

From science fiction to political dramas, Latin America has no reasons to envy Hollywood

América Latina se toma Netflix: 4 series que todo latino debería ver

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Recently, Latin American productions have taken Netflix. Following the initiative of this platform, we bring you this list with the Latin American series for which the sky is the limit. All are available to watch on Netflix Mexico and Latin America.

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Luis Miguel: the series (Mexico)

On April 22 of this year, Luis Miguel: the series premiered, which launched a new chapter for thirteen Sundays. The first season of this biographical series tells the childhood and adolescence of Luis Miguel (played by Diego Boneta). Besides knowing the life of the Mexican sun, the spectator will be able to get closer to his music. According to CNN en Español, "after the fourth episode, the song "Culpable o no: miénteme como siempre" had an increase of 4,000% in Spotify reproductions". Thus, this series, in which the songs are performed by the actors themselves, has revived songs that were popular in Latin American radio decades ago. Finally, another attraction of the series is the reproduction of fashion from the 1980s and 1990s. This Netflix production is impeccable in its aesthetics and photography. To this and many things its international success is due.

3% (Brazil)

If Luis Miguel: the series is a look at the artist's past, 3% looks at the future. In a Brazil of the future, people are given the opportunity to move to the "other side", that is, to move from the face of devastation to that of progress. Only 3% will achieve it, so this starts a kind of games for life, but also a resistance against an oppressive society. The series has already been two seasons that have been a success in Latin America and the world. It is the first Netflix series produced in Brazil with pure Brazilian talent. However, although the series is produced and set in Brazil, it gives an account of the dynamics of the current western society in general and its criticism transcends the Latin American continent. 3% is the sample that Latin America can also produce great stories of science fiction, a terrain that until now was purely American.

The marginal (Argentina)

The premise is simple: an ex-policeman must infiltrate with a false identity in a jail to unseat a gang that operates from there and that has kidnapped the daughter of a Judge of the Nation. However, this Argentine police series entangles us in its plot chapter by chapter and not only manages to unravel the mystery that is raised at the beginning but it transcends and questions about dynamics in the prison and judicial system. It is produced by Underground Porducciones, an Argentine production company, which gives it a more experimental nuance and a more street aesthetic, different from the Netflix superproductions, a group to which the first two series of this list belong. The marginal has been two seasons, both were broadcast first by Argentine television. That is why Netflix is only the first available, because the second came only in July of this year. This second season is planned as a prequel to the first and, according to El Clarín, broke audience records on its opening night. Corruption, abuse of power, confinement and, of course, marginality are central themes of El marginal that are treated with realism and harshness.

Four seasons in Havana (Cuba)

This miniseries, set in Havana in the 1990s, is the adaptation of four novels by Leonardo Padura. The Cuban writer and his wife Lucía López Coll are the writers of this series of four chapters. Each chapter tells a different mystery in a different season. They correspond to the novels Past perfect, Winds of Lent, Masks and Autumn landscape. All are played by detective Mario Conde, a character in the books of Padura and now a classic of Cuban police literature. The detective is played by Jorge Perugorría, a great Cuban filmmaker. This is a lighter police than marginal, but that's not worth it. The warmth of the Caribbean gives it another tone and other colors as valuable as those of the Argentine police. The criticism in this series is made less through the explicit and crude scenes and more through the dialogues of the characters who live in the special period of Cuba, in an island in economic crisis and in a city involved in drug trafficking.

Special mentions:

  • The mechanism, Brazil. A political drama about the scandals around the former president Lula.
  • Criminal records, Honduras. Crime documentary series.
  • Crows Club, Mexico. A comic drama about the heirs of a football club.
  • Edha, Argentina Dramatic thriller.
  • Ingobernable, Mexico Political drama about the first Mexican lady.

As we can see, while political and police dramas are the genres that predominate, the offer of Latin American productions on Netflix is diverse and wide, as it is binge-worthy.

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