Horoscope: Mars finally calms down

This Monday Mars retrograde ends, and comes (for all) a well-deserved rest!

Millennial horoscope: August 27 - September 2


(March 21 - April 19)

Mars, your ruling planet, stops being retrograde from this Monday! At last you will be able to feel like the independent and passionate champion you are, Aries. If you had not been able to solve small problems for a few months (like wanting to take a shower at the same time as your roommate or not getting a follower on Instagram) this is the right week to talk about them and try to solve them. But do not forget to do it subtly, Aries! Although Mars is already orbiting the law, your own personality may still be very strong for others. Your mantra this week is "medium fire."


(April 20 - May 20)

You do not have to hold your breath anymore, Taurus! This Monday is over two months of retrograde Mars and you can go out to take a breath. Perhaps your savings are coming to an end, but do not despair, the planet of willpower and momentum is back to normal. Call your acquaintances to have projects, send emails with your resume, tell everyone that you are out of work and you will see how your inbox fills up. Take advantage of the strength of Mars this week, Taurus!



(May 21 - June 20)

Tell Chao your migraines, Gemini! If you have been stressed and have headaches without knowing why it is time to pass the account of your Dolex to Mars. From this Monday the planet of war ceases to be retrograde and you will be able to relax a little. Go to Yoga classes, ask your partner to give you a massage, unpack in a Turkish or simply try not to get involved in so many projects at the same time. Your mind may be very fast, Gemini, but sometimes your body can not keep up!



(June 21 - June 22)

Say goodbye to your shell, Cancer! Because Mars is orbiting right again, you can stop worrying about how others see you (also on Instagram, yes). This week your self-esteem will shoot (for good) and it will let you show yourself as the charming crab that you are. You may feel less you this week, but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Maybe you can get to know yourself a bit by exploring what you like about yourself and what you do not. Do not be afraid of your depths, Cancer!



(July 23 - August 22)

Even the best Mexican novels are over, Leo. Without retrograde Mars from this Monday, your life will be more like that of ordinary mortals and less like that of Soraya Montenegro. After an intense period of fights, crying, lies and arguments, your fire begins to subside. Now you will be able to invest more time to your personal projects and less to fight with your sister. Concentrate on yourself and let all the drama that surrounds you slip away. This week you can roar, Leo, but do not bite!



(August 23 - September 22)

It's time to shine, Virgo: you can start planning schedules, looking for readings and doing homework. As one of the best students in the Zodiac and without Mars damaging your ambitious energy, now you can show everyone how much order and dedication are worth. You may start a course, a master's degree or just pick up a forgotten project. What you want (in the field of learning) will come true this week. But remember what they say: be careful what you want, Virgo, because it will come true!



(September 23 - October 22)

Although we know that you love to avoid conflict and that lately it has been difficult to swallow all your emotions, with Mars orbiting the right again you can say everything that is bothering you, Libra. This week you could kick your roommate out of the house, finish your partner or even quit your job. We have no doubt that, without the bad influence of the war planet, you will be able to solve all your conflicts diplomatically. But in any case, Libra, try not to let the problems go by without speaking them. Take advantage of the sincerity of Mars and free yourself from your rage!



(October 23 - November 21)

Were you planning a revenge, Scorpio? Well, not anymore. With the planet of war in its normal course, from this Monday you will leave your weapons and you will not pay more to your army of mercenaries. Make peace, try to forgive those who have harmed you and give the keys of your empire. Surrendering will do you good and help you to feel calmer. You will see that a good gesture on your part will give good vibes a week. People like to fight with you, Scorpio, but if you do not fight, nobody will!



(November 22 - December 21)

If you were in a losing streak (probably loving), since this Monday Mars frees you to be an adventurous centaur again. With the planet of action transiting in the right direction, this week you will put the arrow where you put the eye, Sagittarius. But aim well, because if you do not know someone well before inviting him to your home you may wake up without a wallet after a great night. You have many skills to conquer, Sagittarius, but you do not have a good nose for people!



(December 22 - January 19)

What are we going to do this week, Capricorn? Try to conquer the world! With Mars retrograde out of the way, no one will be able to stop your train this week. Your goals are clear (as always) and there are no intermediate stations. What you want is so close that you can almost see it! Although you should be careful not to tell a Capricorn to work to get something, this week you just have to take the final steps to achieve it. Do not stop, Capricorn, but do not despair either! You will reach the goal in due time.



(January 20 - February 18)

You had been carrying someone else's luggage for months, Aquarius. The emotions of others were yours for a long time, but it's about time you take those suitcases to lost objects. Do not forget, however, to open them before handing them over. You may discover that half of your closet and library are in there. Recover what is yours, see what you feel and blog about your experience as buttons. Everyone will want to hear what you have to tell and maybe your story will bring you followers, Aquarius!



(February 19 - March 20)

What is that weight you carry, Pisces? Did someone hurt you or did you lie to someone about your feelings in the last two months? With the (deserved) end of Mars retrograde, it is time to heal the wounds that you have open. We know they have been a source of inspiration and crying, but you can not free yourself from feeling something unresolved if you do not call your ex to ask for forgiveness or forgive him. Stop carrying your pain with pride and get rid of it, Pisces!


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Tranlated from: 'Horóscopo: La furia de Marte por fin se calma'