These are 3 scientifically proven benefits of Tai Chi

Tai Chi, also called Chinese yoga, has become very popular for its many health benefits

These are 3 scientifically proven benefits of Tai Chi

Despite being a martial art, Tai Chi is practiced today as a low impact exercise, which goes hand in hand with Chi Kung or Qi Gong. This is an alternative therapy that covers a series of smooth and delicate movements in a constant way. Let's see 3 of its benefits:

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1. Good bye stress

A recent study compared the effects of Tai Chi with traditional exercise in 50 stressed people. The researchers concluded that Taichi is able to reduce stress and anxiety in just 12 weeks, just as conventional exercise does. Taichi's advantage over physical exercise is that it provides the individual with a safer alternative because it is low impact and less vigorous.

2. Taichi reduces the risk of falls in older adults

The National Library of Medicine of the United States published a study in March 2018 titled "The effects of Tai Chi on the risk of falls in older adults". Research shows that this eastern discipline can improve balance and motor function, as well as decrease the fear and risk of falling in the elderly, after 8 weeks of practice. Therefore, Tai Chi reduces dependence and improves the quality of life and the general well-being of grandparents.

3. Reduces the pain of rheumatoid arthritis

Another small-scale study conducted by the National Center for Rehabilitation Resources in Rheumatology at the Diakonhjemmet Hospital in Oslo, Norway, analyzed the effects of Tai Chi on rheumatoid arthritis for 12 weeks in 15 participants aged 33 to 70 years.

It was concluded that it is optimal to reduce the pain of arthritis and improve mobility, balance and quality of life. If you suffer from arthritis, always talk to your doctor before starting to practice any kind of sport.

What you should know about Tai Chi

The movements of this discipline are accompanied by abdominal breathing: inhale slowly and deeply through the nose, take the air to the bottom of the lungs, raising the abdomen and exhale through the nose, contracting the stomach.

In Tai Chi, the movements are also slow and harmonious, and it is done taking steps. Some of these movements have the name of an animal such as

  • Petting the mane of the wild horse
  • The white crane opens its wings
  • Catch the tail of the sparrow

This discipline can be practiced by anyone regardless of his or her physical condition, age, or sex. It is even likely that you have ever seen grandparents in squares or parks raising their arms and moving them delicately while taking steps as if it were a choreography.

The curious thing about Tai Chi is that every movement, however harmless it may seem, is in fact a technique of attack and defense.

What are you waiting to practice it?

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Translated from “Conoce 3 beneficios del Taichí científicamente comprobados”

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