Horoscope: Say goodbye to the impact of the Sun on Virgo

The good energy of the Sun in the signs, especially in Virgo, comes to an end this week. Take advantage of it!Horóscopo: Nos despedimos de la influencia del Sol



August 23 - September 22

The Sun is transiting through your constellation. The people in September value more your analytical and logical personality to bring these qualities to your personal life. People stop to pick up what has fallen out of their hands on their trip. Thanks to Jupiter being in your Scorpio friend, this 2018 you are taking advantage of communication with others in serious and deep issues: how we handle our most intimate and private life. You are the zodiac counselor, Virgo. But this does not mean that you should leave to help others. Remember that since Thursday the Moon will show you that even your most intimate circle, that which you consider your family, needs that irrational faith of which you doubt so much. Open yourself to the incomprehensible. You will realize your own truth.




September 23 - October 22

The planets put black clouds in your energy to remind you to be responsible and to carry umbrellas. Sometimes we must carry the world on our shoulders even if you would like to have someone to help you. Every pound knows that being nice and fair to others is important, but there are things in life that are not your thing and that you are learning to face little by little. People seem to be more serious and selfish and it makes you want to cry. It seems you are helpless. The good news: you will have the Sun as your unconditional friend from Saturday and will be the first to wish you a happy birthday. It will warm you up and it will remind you that you do not need anyone at the moment. You are the sun and the others are planets. There is no better astrological climate than you have, Libra. It reminds you that to learn how to fly you have to jump into the void. But first, you have to climb the mountain from which you will jump.




October 23 - November 21

You are already used to handling the intense energy of 2018 with which the other signs are dealing. But you tend to self-protect yourself more than necessary. If you have low self-esteem, this is the perfect year to raise it, expand your conscience and settle your philosophy of life. Death is not the end. Death is always present in various ways in the form of radical transformations. This week, the Moon and Pluto in Sextile with you remind you that you have to be constant and resist ... to grow, not to suffer. If you are suffering while resisting, you are not learning the teaching that Jupiter brings you. Be careful with impulses, Scorpio.




November 22 - December 21

For you, this week will be focused on understanding the things you already have, so that values and not waste them. Try to avoid getting involved in discussions. Remember that the expansion of consciousness is not just about having faith, Sagittarius. In that, you already have a Ph.D. The expansion this year is manifested emotionally, the deepest part and incomprehensible, what you did not think possible that was inside you may still inhabit without realizing it. Confront yourself with your other self instead of confronting others.




December 22 - January 19

You are undergoing very intense changes in your way of seeing things. You are the sign that has had the most difficult and still, you always go ahead, because that is your main characteristic. Jupiter in Scorpio reminds you that life is not just a steep mountain to reach a peak. Life is to see that each step we take is a new peak that we have reached. Pluto continues to invade your constellation in order to change for the better and to develop things from the base and not only from the structure.




January 20 - February 18

These days have been difficult for you, Aquarius. Mars, the planet of struggle, war, imposition, and leadership is very active in your case. Try the most to not overdo things as more correct than you think you are in your decisions. The astrological climate this week will teach you to see your own nervous alterations as something very human that you also have. Whether you want it or not, you have several things in common with others. Your energy tends to be controversial and go against the grain for more good people that we know you are. This week is no longer about being good people or not. It's about discovering your most honest side and seeing that we all have flaws.




February 19 - March 20

Venus in Scorpio makes three with you to show you the most vulnerable and emotional part of all. You love this since you have the chance to get involved in love adventures and daydreams to remember. Even so, we continue with the Sun in Virgo, which means that we will have to recognize it rationally. Pisces, you more than anyone else know that you have to forgive. The problem is that you do not recognize that there are problems. And if you recognize them, you avoid them and escape. The Sun and Mercury in your opposite sign, Virgo, reminds you that although the human being is not perfect, he is perfectible and we will have to overcome certain weaknesses to build new things. This learning will come from your partners or from experiences with "the other".




March 21 - April 19

Like your brother, Sagittarius, we will have to avoid arguments. The environment is charged with energy, and although you love that, you have to take care of your image to protect your professional life. From Monday to Wednesday, the Moon teaches you to take things more detachedly. Not everything they do to you is something personal, Aries. You will learn to be more responsible, to resist the difficult and to frustrate yourself a little so that you see that in life you do not always win. This I tell you is a long-term gain, be patient.




April 20 - May 20

If you have a partner, this week you can feel that she is being very absorbing. It does not leave your space or respect what is yours. You are the most affected by the T-square. Therefore, we must take advantage of this energy to learn to be less stubborn. Do not put a wall between anyone, or close your borders. It will be more rewarding to see how to deal with the people who try to disrupt you and see that they can not. You are solid as a rock, bull. Show it without closing yourself to others.




May 21 - June 20

You love being everywhere, but you will realize that the one that covers a lot, little squeezes, especially if it is your own family. We know that now you feel more capable of your own power thanks to Mars in your brother Aquarius, but avoid warming up the atmosphere in the discussions and give your family the dedication it deserves.




June 21 - June 22

Like your opposite Capri, you have felt your heart a little cracked, but it hurts you more. The first days of the week will be key for you to integrate that cold energy into your person, not as an appearance, but as learning. Jupiter and Neptune are in favor of your emotional part, but the Moon is against you to say "Hey, Cancer, Capri is right in being emotionally stronger". Try to reconcile between these two points and you will understand others better.




July 23 - August 22

Mars is opposite to you. It tells you that there are other ways to take action. Not only from that passion that characterizes you so much. It is not a matter of being dramatic and showing how little we care about something. It is a matter of taking action on decisions in the most detached and rational way possible. That is to say "I am going to make this decision because I see that it is the best for everyone". Keep taking care of your health as the energy of Virgo, your neighbor, has taught you how to do it.


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Translated from: 'Horóscopo: Nos despedimos de la influencia del Sol'