This is technology that helps overcome dyslexia

Microsoft and Made by Dyslexia develops technology that will guarantee people with dyslexia full access and the development of their potential

Know this technology that helps overcome dyslexia!

Together with the Made by Dyslexia organization, which seeks to build a better future for people with dyslexia, Microsoft has developed technology that will modify its content, products, and searches in order to guarantee full access and the development of its potential.

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The non-profit organization, Dyslexia International, estimates that currently one in five students have dyslexia, so there is an average of 700 million people who perceive the world written differently.

According to the newspaper La Vanguardia, the commitment of Microsoft is also focused on teacher training, so materials and tools developed for teachers will be disseminated to enable them to identify in advance the condition in children to be able to intervene.

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What are Microsoft's commitments?

1. An Immersive Reader will be available on the Flipgrid platform that will allow students to improve their reading and learning of written texts.

2. Integration of the possibility of dictation by voice, which although it is already present in the desktop versions of the programs, will be extended in 2019 to Excel, Outlook, and PowerPoint. With this, users can process a text with their own voice, instead of having to use the keyboard.

3. According to the company, some dyslexic students struggle with math because they find it difficult to read problems. This is why Microsoft is committed to improving performance in Mathematics thanks to the ability to read the equations aloud with Immersive Reader.

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4. By the end of this year, with Microsoft Translator, all people will have the ability to translate a word, sentence or page in real time IGNORE INTO another language within Immersive Reader, since an important element of inclusion is the ability to access to text in any language.

5. In partnership with the Brain Development & Education Lab at the University of Washington, Microsoft will develop tools that help young readers to pronounce words in the English language.

6. Immersive Reader for Android Office Lens, with which students and teachers can take a picture of any text, send it to Immersive Reader that will use optical character recognition on the image and convert the image IGNORE INTO much more accessible and manipulable content. You can also use the functions of Reading aloud, Voice speed, Text spacing, Font size, and Forward / Backward.

7. Browse web content more easily with the new accessibility updates of the Edge browser.}


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Translated from "¡Conoce esta nueva tecnología que ayuda a superar la dislexia!"

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