Horoscope: The planets remind us that we must have balance

From November 12 to 18, this is what is written in the stars for your sign

Horoscope: The planets remind us that we must have balance


(March 21-April 19)

You start the week with a fiery moon. Monday is your only chance to rekindle the fire of the passion with your partner. Already by Tuesday the moon passes to your complicated friend, Capricorn, which means that it will be time to think about work beyond your personal life. There may be certain conflicts balancing these two aspects of your life for the rest of the week. Avoid discussions with others, Aries. Venus is still opposite to your constellation.


(April 20-May 20)

If your birthday is at the top of Aries, Taurus, you will feel how your life begins to move in an incredible way. It seems as if every aspect of life goes according to your purposes. Have you learned how to balance your relationships a bit more lately? In case you do, you will feel that love can be freer and less possessive. You agree with a slightly more progressive and not so traditional relationship. If you follow that path, you will find calm within you.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, the moon will be in tension with Neptune. You may feel confused about your beliefs. Maybe you do not know if it's worthwhile to let things flow according to the rhythm of the universe or obsess over what you think to discover the threads of any issue. But remember that extremes do not lead us anywhere.


(May 21-June 20)

You start the week with a good energy of communication! You may feel something different. You are used to everything having its face and its cross, but there are times when we have to choose one or the other. That's where beliefs come from. Mercury in your opposite helps you to realize that. Therefore, you have a good energy to connect with others in a more mature way.

Don't waste it by resisting it. Let it arrive. Incredibly, Uranus is friendly with Saturn in your most unconscious and hidden zone: you can feel that you are connected with your generation or with your environment in a very strong way. It's a good time to generate a strong impact on society.


(June 21-July 22)

If you have an ascendant in the early grades of the crab sign, it is likely that you will get an important opportunity to undertake in the labor field: so that you think to follow a unique path, so that you express who you are and where you aim. Be careful, this can mean a risk. That's why you must be very sure of what you do. Think that you are looking at the globality of things and not just because you are fed up with the situation you have been in.

Venus remains opposed to Uranus in your most important axis: security. Should we lock ourselves in a coffin to protect ourselves from the outside or do we learn to deal with the unpredictable circumstances of life and grow with strong foundations? It's your choice, Cancer. You have an excellent opportunity for everything to go better from now on.


(July 23-August 22)

You may have a lot of energy now that you must learn to channel. How do we balance our family with the relationship we have with others? You can certainly have an excess of optimism very stimulating now. Don't channel it towards arrogance. Don't advertise for all your accomplishments. Slowly observe where that feeling comes from and you may discover something deeper inside you.

I'll give you an example: when you harvest a carrot, you may be proud that it is huge to see very large leaves leave the ground. Remember that not necessarily the carrot will be huge because of its leaves. The largest carrots can be found under the smaller leaves. So pay attention. Where does that pride come from?


(August 23-September 22)

You start the week with the moon and Venus looking good between them. These two planets have been reminding you that before reaching a peak or having power over something, you have to be sure about yourself and your strong roots. The roots are usually linked with our family. Sometimes it is not our blood family, but our memories, traditions and human principles. Halfway through the week, Venus connects with Mars in your security zone. These planets tell you that you have to take care of yourself before responding to an attack in which you know you were the victim.

You have to know what you're worth so that you don't react with reproaches or complaints. Sometimes we don't need to say a word to the aggression. Avoid disputes with your brothers. Uranus returns to Aries and makes you mobilize what you previously had stalled. But remember that this is a learning that you review. Soon, Uranus will continue its path and leave you to act at the mercy of your will and not from how you feel.


(September 23-October 22)

You start the week with a good energy to affirm your personal value. It is an energy known to you since the planets have put you to work on it for a while. You show everyone who you are. You are magnetic and attractive. Your self-esteem has been strengthened enough and your bases seem finally to be understood with your personal value. If you have ascendant in this sign, Uranus has been returned to create more dynamic relationships. It is a good time for someone interesting to come to your life or you can establish new dynamics within your current relationship.


(October 23-November 21)

If you have ascendant in this sign, Uranus is returned to your personal care area. Remember what hurts you and what makes you well, and you will have a healthier and more balanced life. Life is mobilized in many aspects, so we are in a moment to take advantage of many things. In your case, life is mobilized in your most personal part: everything that has to do with self-esteem, security, communication, family, self-expression, care, and relationships.

It's time to think more about yourself and see how that more familiar part fills you and makes you feel more complete and balanced. There is a small tension between what you project and what your family accepts from you. There is also another tension between the real value of things and the magnified value. Keep this in mind to make the most of this week.


(November 22-December 21)

If you have ascendant in this sign, it seems that for the first time in a long time there is a conflict between sacrificing empathically and setting aside what doesn't suit you. Remember that although you are first, the actions you perform will always have repercussion and you will not be able to escape from them just because you decided so. It is necessary to take responsibility for our actions and the consequences they generate in our environment.

You are getting quite verbal and communicative, you want to dissect and understand everything, debating until you cannot anymore. Remember that the truth is inside you. Logic and common sense will always put "buts" on everything. No need to convince anyone that your decisions are correct, as long as you really believe it. Are they?


(December 22-January 19)

It seems that they have trusted you, they have delegated you more responsibility for this week and you are happy to feel useful and with the reins of the situation. They may recognize your work slowly, but they will. Remember that the results aren't immediate. You must think that things can arise that hinder your desires. Remember that things will never be perfect and you will always have your objections. But the important thing is that you have an unbreakable will. Resistant. Be constant, Capri.


(January 20-February 18)

Since last week you have felt that the time has come to do things differently. This is not the exception. It's time to contribute something to the world so that it changes so that it's transformed. Remember that growth opportunities are always there. This year, Mars has taught you to fight so much for what you deserve that you have become more stubborn than usual. Jupiter in your work zone reminds you that the opportunities are there, but you must make an effort. You decide whether to grab them or not. Don't be like the cynic who decides to live his life only according to his will. Try to see what is beyond apart from you.


(February 19-March 20)

If you have the ascendant in the sign of the fish, you will be feeling that what you have had to do for your work requires too much effort. This frustrates you because you would like to escape and let life take its course. Neptune, the great planet of spirituality, not only invites you to evade your daily life. Neptune knows, within its great unconscious wisdom, that before reaching an elevated place first you have to go through difficult tests that teach you. Maybe it's hard to see it now, Pisces. The planets will remind you little by little.


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Translated from "Horóscopo: Los planetas nos recuerdan que hay que tener equilibrio"

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