These are the reasons why Ivan Duque's popularity is so low

The political cost of the low budget for education and the possible implementation of the Financing Law, among others, resulted in the fall of his popularity

Ivan Duque: the reasons why his popularity is so low

The idea of taxing the basic products of the family basket with a tax of 18%, in a country in which the majority of its inhabitants belong to the middle class, as well as the increase in the military budget more than the education budget, have meant a political cost to President Ivan Duque: the fall of his popularity. According to the most recent Invamer survey, the president’s popularity went from 47% to 27% between the end of October and the middle of November 2018

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But those are not the only reasons for his low popularity. The discontent of Uribismo leaders with Ivan Duque has been growing during his Government. Why? Many, according to interviews with leaders of the Uribismo by La Silla Vacía, expressed their annoyance with the president because he has not given jobs to members of the Democratic Center. While Santos government officials, the biggest enemy for the Uribistas, has left them in their positions and some has also been promoted.

A fact that generated great repudiation among the Uribistas, as investigated by the aforementioned media, was the meeting held by Ivan Duque with all the opposition parties. Among them, the reunion with the Farc, in which he spoke with Rodrigo Londoño “Timochenko” of the reforms to the anticorruption consultation.

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"I did not like that it when he took the Farc to Nariño’s House, we did not understand why he did that, take the biggest criminal in this country, what language can there be?" Said an Uribista to La Silla Vacía.

According to an interview of El Tiempo with the High Commissioner for Peace, Miguel Ceballos, is something in the future that will not really affect what was agreed. With the FARC but what is agreed in a possible negotiation of peace with the ELN.

His phrase "Who lives by the sword will die by the sword" might have been reinforced by showing his rejection of a meeting with "Timochenko", but that was not the case. Another factor of his low popularity could have been the support he expressed to Alberto Carrasquilla amid the scandal of water bonds in which he, according to the complaint of the renowned journalist and news director Univisión, Daniel Coronell, would have impoverished to 117 municipalities. Many expected that because of this corrupt act, President Duque would take distance, something he promised to attack in the campaign, but he didn’t.

Likewise, Duque's failure to comply with the agreed commitments of the anti-corruption consultation, as Senator Claudia López has denounced, to media such as Semana magazine, contradicts the anti-corruption speech that he preached in the presidential campaign. What becomes one more reason for his popularity to fall and the Colombians who voted for him lose confidence every day.

On the other hand, the National General Attorney General, Néstor Humberto Martínez, knew of Odebrecht's acts of corruption before being named. This was revealed by Noticias Uno, where, in addition, Martínez held a telephone conversation with Jorge Pizano, auditor of Ruta del Sol II, representative of the Aval Group and the main witness of the case. This put IGNORE INTO question the performance of the aforementioned Prosecutor, up to the point at which his resignation or withdrawal is requested. However, President Ivan Duque has expressed his full support, despite the fact that said witness died, apparently, from a heart attack and his son poisoned with cyanide.     

Many still wait for President Ivan Duque to remove him from office, as an act of change injustice, to respond to his motto "Who lives by the sword will die by the sword" or to condemn the acts of corruption committed by Odebrecht, those who already knew the person who today conducts justice in Colombia.


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