8 movies about New Year to watch on January 1

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Do you want to stay in your bed after the New Year's party? We recommend these films for you to receive 2019

8 movies about New Year to see on January 1

We know that the first day of the year is a difficult day. It's the first holiday and you do not really know what to do. Everything is closed and you are tired of the previous day's party. Just relax! For this first day we bring you these films that are perfect to see this first day of 2019 without leaving your home and, also, that will help you relive the joy of December 31, but also inspire you to do new things in this year what goes in

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1. New Year

This film, with a great and fun cast, is about several stories that cross on new year's eve. It is a light film for the first of January that, in addition to showing you several New Year celebrations in New York City, will inspire you to spend time with your family, your friends and your love. It was released in 2011 and features the performances of Robert DeNiro, Sofia Vergara, Zach Efron, Jessica Biel, among many others.

2. The Apartment

If you are more of a fan of classics than light film, we recommend this 1960 Oscar winner. In The Apartment, an employee lends his apartment to his boss to have meetings with his lover. This, to find out later that his boss's wife is the woman he is in love with. The final scene occurs in New Year and it is in which Shirley McClain says his famous phrase "Shut up and deal".

3. Sex and the City

The beloved series that follows the life of a group of friends in New York City was taken to the movies in 2014. In this film we see how friends spend New Year in their city. The tape reminds us that these dates are also about friendship and not only about the love of a couple, and, in addition, it shows different ways of conceiving these dates, even if you must pass them in solitude.

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4. Bridget Jones's diary

This is already a classic of romantic comedies, and of the Christmas and New Year films. This is Bridget Jones, a woman who decides to start a diary as one of her New Year's resolutions. In his diary he writes his other purposes. The film begins and ends on a December 31st in Bridget's diary. It will inspire you, not only to find love, but to leave behind that you no longer want in your life.

5. When Harry Met Sally

Another classic of romantic comedies. Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan are a couple of friends who fall in love little by little over the years during sporadic but increasingly frequent encounters. The film, and therefore its romance, reaches the climax in a scene at a New Year's party.

6. The Godfather II

If you are not very fan of romantic comedies, we bring you this other classic of the new cinema and with which you can do a marathon this first of January. The second installment of the Francis Ford Coppola saga follows two narrative lines: they show us the rise of the young Vito Corleone, this time played by Robert DeNiro, on the one hand; and on the other we see Michael Corleone, played by Al Pacino, be the new head of his father's criminal organization. This movie has the famous scene in which, at midnight on December 31, Michael gives the kiss of death to the brother who has brought him.

7. A lot like love

Starring Ashton Kutcher and also a romantic comedy of two friends who fall in love little by little. The protagonist, Amanda Seinfield, finds herself alone and with nothing to do on new year's eve and decides to call the character of Kutcher, a boy she met years ago on a plane. The couple then spend tonight together and a romance between them begins to grow.

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8. Forrest Gump

How to forget the classic scene in which Forrest and Lieutenant Dan are partying in the New Year. The lieutenant, a Vietnam veteran who has lost both legs, lives a bitter life after the war and Forrest returns the joy and desire to do other things in addition to consuming drugs and paying prostitutes. This is undoubtedly a movie to get you up on the first day of the year.


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