This is what you should know about mixed breastfeeding

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Mixed breastfeeding may be the option to feed your baby in a nutritious and functional way for you

This is what you should know about mixed breastfeeding

Mixed breastfeeding consists of feeding your baby with both breast milk and formula milk. It is clear that the best option is breast milk, but mixed breastfeeding is the solution for those mothers who, due to lack of time or other factors, can not feed their baby exclusively with breast milk.

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You can also choose this method if you have not had good experiences with breast milk, this way you will continue to breastfeed since breast milk is very important for the development of your baby, but you can also have the option of formula milk. These bad experiences often have to do with the pain that can occur in you, or because you feel stressed at the time of breastfeeding. You should not feel obligated to give breast milk exclusively.

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Another reason you can choose this method is if you are not producing enough breast milk, which is very normal and there are many ways to increase production, but while you manage to reach that amount of milk you can use mixed breastfeeding so that Your baby is not disquieted to the breast.

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Is mixed breastfeeding safe?

Surely you wonder if mixed breastfeeding has consequences and if it can cause harm to your baby. Don't worry! It is completely safe and is also recommended.

But keep in mind that just like breast milk and formula milk that depends on how your baby reacts to the method, so the most recommended is to consult your doctor first and from your recommendation, you make the decision.

You can combine them as it suits you better, and you can even give more of one than the other. The idea is to be the same amount at first and from there to see what is what your little one prefers because your comfort and what you like is also important. However, if you see that you prefer the bottle more to the breast, consult your doctor first if it is better to give more formula than breast milk.

We recommend that breast milk is taken directly from your breast, as this creates a unique bond between mother and child, but you can also create a milk bank and give it to a bottle.


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