Trump vs. Democrats: Will there finally be a wall?

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What's left at this moment is to see if the United States Congress will give in to President Trump's proposal

Trump vs. Democrats: Will there finally be a wall?

The end of the year for the president of the United States did not paint anything well. For more than a week, Donald Trump ordered the cessation of government activities due to the fact that it was not possible to reach an agreement with the budget for the construction of the wall. Since Trump was conducting his presidential campaign, one of his most controversial proposals was the construction of the border wall, which would divide the United States from Mexico.

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However, Trump demanded that the budget for the year 2019 include $ 5,700 million for the construction of the wall. Despite this, there were not enough votes for the budget to be approved, as El Clarín reports. Because of this, the Government of the United States decided to close for a period of time.

It was planned that on Thursday, December 27, operations would be reactivated, but that was not the case. In contrast, federal departments such as National Security, Justice, Commerce, Transportation, Housing and Treasury, and even the Interior, were affected.

In addition, and as reported by El Comercio, 420,000 employees had to work without being paid immediately. In those that include employees of the National Security, the FBI, the DEA and the penitentiary administration, the same newspaper culminates.

It's democrats' fault

For President Donald Trump, the blame for not being able to reach an agreement belongs to those belonging to the Democratic Party. Even, given the recent events in which two immigrant children died near the border, Trump said in a series of tweets that the blame fell on the Democratic party.

Thus, he argued that if the border wall existed, the deaths of Felipe Gómez of 8 years and Jakelin Caal of 7 years, would not have happened. In addition, he affirmed that if the wall existed, the immigrants would not try to cross the border and would not risk their lives. He also highlighted the work of the Border Patrol, and justified that they are really doing the work, which has not been fully recognized.
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Total closure

As if it were a wake-up call, the president threatened to close the southern border completely. Again, through his Twitter account, the president argued that, if the Democrats do not agree to the construction of the wall and to modify the immigration laws, he would be forced to close the border. He added that the treaties he currently has with Mexico are losing millions of dollars to the country and that both Honduras and Guatemala, like El Salvador, do nothing but take the money from the United States. "We will cut all the aid to these 3 countries, taking advantage of the USA. UU For years! ", He finished.


Will they achieve something?

Beyond the constant threats and constant criticisms against the Democrats, the US government will have to wait for the functions to activate in order to reach an agreement. Now, Donald Trump does not have it that easy. As of January 2, both the Congress and the Lower Chamber will have new representatives, most of whom belong to the Democratic Party.

In the mid-term elections, held on November 7, the Democrats won 26 new seats, for a total of 218; while the Republicans obtained 193, in the House of Representatives. That is where the Democrats will take advantage to stop the majority of decisions and proposals that Trump proposes.

There is no doubt that in this new year, Trump will have more challenges against a Democratic majority. It will be necessary to see how long the president can withstand the famous shutdown, given the need and importance of reactivating the Government in this new year.


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