Israel will have a new parliament in 2019

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Benjamin Netanyahu announced the dissolution of the Israeli parliament (Knesset), what are the consequences of this change of parliament?

Israel will have a new parliament in 2019

When will the next elections be?

At the end of 2018, the president of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, announced the new date where the vote will take place that will decide which will be the next politicians to occupy a seat in the Knesset.

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According to the Spanish newspaper El País, the elections will take place in April of next year, because: "Formally, the government pact was broken by the interest of the nation and by the spirit of responsibility in tax matters."

However, as noted by this same media, the main reason for the dissolution of the parliament was the lack of support from his coalition in terms of votes. And more with a new law of military service, where several parties have shown their disagreement.

El Parlamento de Israel será disuelto para llamar a elecciones anticipadas en abril https://t.co/xH46hM8PQH pic.twitter.com/wL6RKfyfIA

— RT en Español (@ActualidadRT) 24 décembre 2018


The law of discord

As is a tradition in Israel, the people who are in the rabbinical schools (the Ultra-Orthodox) have been ex- entailed to render the renowned Jewish military service; However, a new law wants to change this military landscape.

For the British media BBC, this draft wants to be approved so that any Jew willing to perform military service, lend it without exception.

Of course, and as expected, parties like Shas and Union of the Torah and Judaism do not agree with their political bases to perform military service, due to their functions and religious studies.

But, as this same British newspaper warns, the problem lies in that the ultra-Orthodox add up to around 12% of a population with 9 million people, and it is expected that this population will double in a few years due to the vocation of the ultra-Orthodox to form family; for this reason it is considered necessary to provide military service.

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What will be the future of Benjamin Netanyahu?

Netanyahu, one of the politicians who has marked the history of the Jewish state, became Prime Minister in the year of 1996 and by 2019 he will become the Jewish politician with more years at the mandate of this country located in the Middle East.

According to the BBC: "the presidential elections will take place in November next year. If Netanyahu manages to be president beyond May 31, he will surpass Ben Gurion, as the politician with the most years leading the Jewish people "

But he will not have it at all easy, because his image has fallen in the polls, and his coalition of ultra-Orthodox parties have begun to doubt the capacity of this politician with respect to the objectives of the most radical.

Palestinian elections?

Parallel to this Israeli panorama, one of the governments that have also decided to renew its leadership of parliamentarians has been the Palestinian.

According to Israel News, the Palestinian Constitutional Court decided to call elections to the Palestinian people, within six months, to renew the parliamentarians who are in power.

However, this news beyond being celebrated is seen with great concern both in the Jewish people and in the Palestinian people, due to the endless dispute that three Palestinian political factions have to take power: Hamas, Fatah, Abbas.

In this way, the promised land will have an interesting political landscape.


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