Pay attention to the stars this week

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This is what the stars have prepared for you this week

Pay attention to the stars this week

Aries (March 21-April 20)


This week, you will need to pay attention to your emotional needs. There will be times when you will need to balance between duty by obligation and duty that is born out of desire and enthusiasm. There will be moments when you will need to take refuge from the world for a while and spend a pleasant time in your home or your family to nourish your emotional stability. If you have the ram ascendant, pay attention to your subconscious. It may seem that some issues must be resolved to have everything in order in your mind.

Taurus (April 21-May 20)


In your case, there is great energy of will, power, and security inside you; However, you should try to have a friendly attitude so as not to run over opinions or situations that can help you make the best decisions for you now. There is a tension between duty and pleasure; Hard work and shelter. Understand that both have their value and importance in the life of the human being.

Gemini (May 21-June 20)


There is an important tension in an area of your life. It is likely that it is about your career and the vision and clarity you have of it. This tension does not act as an obstacle to be eliminated, but, instead, acts as a rope that forces you to take you to another level. It forces you to find movement towards the side that you feel tense. Do you know where you are going?

Cancer (June 21-July 20)


This week is the time for you to think and reflect on your opportunities. Are you willing to take the risk to have a broader perspective on things? Remember that the engine may be dreams and dreams, but you can not be alone in that. How will you act to achieve what you long for? If you have the crab ascendant, this week try to join with a collective. It will give you will, strength and determination.

Leo (July 21-August 20)


If you are single, these days have special energy for you to build relationships based on balance and equality. Go out and meet new people, Leon. Also, during this month, there is something that seems to be confused and tangled in your psychological life. They are moments of adjustment regarding your instincts, your instant emotional reactions, and your sex life. This week you can present an unpredictable eventuality in your career that, if you take advantage of it, you will bring ingenuity and originality to your work.

Virgo (August 21-September 20)


The stars are in your favor so that you can reassert your identity and your moral values with confidence. These are important moments for you to remain confident and safe in the face of the confusions that relationships can bring you. You may have to clarify in your mind what you want in your relationships to choose the right people.

Libra (September 21-October 20)


This month you will need to make important readjustments in your routines and your habits since there is a risk of illness or insalubrity that can bring you problems in the order of your daily life. It also generates an important revolution in issues such as shared resources or sexuality. With whom do you share and even give away what is yours? On the weekend, you will need to pay attention to your need to be productive, since you can become addicted to working if you do not manage to be aware of your emotional needs.

Scorpio (October 21-November 20)


This week you will need to clarify precisely what concept of love rules your life. This will be the most important thing that you will have to work on. Ask yourself that question: What is love for me? On the other hand, you will be very independent, tenacious and cold in your relationships. Try to balance this energy so that you do not project on others selfishness that they do not have.

Sagittarius (November 21-December 20)


You will need to get down to the revolutions that you give to your life, because significant matters with your family, your roots and your origin can be brewing now. You will need to reconnect with your inner child, to be friends with your past and with your family. You will experience some confusion that can frustrate you. It can unbalance the peace you have with yourself and issues that inevitably bind you can overshadow the opportunities that have been highlighted so much this year.

Capricorn (December 21-January 20)


It's a week to rethink how you live with the people who touched you and not the ones you chose. It is a good time for you to clarify the relationship with your brothers and your coworkers. It is a good time to enrich these relationships with interesting talks that feed curiosity and vital energy. It's an excellent time to feel young again while reaffirming who you are.

Aquarium (January 21-February 20)


Your ruling planet conflicts with your energy so that you learn to see things from another angle. You are a global sign that likes to look at things from their totality but always from only one point: yours. Therefore, during the next eight years, you will open a very slow and important fund cycle so that you can revitalize your life reconciling freedom and stability. On the other hand, this week, you should be aware of your resources. What do you need to have a sustainable life and not so erratic?

Pisces (February 21-March 20)


Your high energy of security and initiative should be rethought this week with more clarity. How do you carry your identity that transgresses limits to reality to bring something to the world and your life? You are the sign of the dissolution of barriers and mental limits. How could you establish the key to being this way and at the same time grow under the laws of the concrete and the material?


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Translated from "Horóscopo del 11 al 17 de Marzo 2019"