5 apps to practice languages with native speakers

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Learning a language can be much more fun when you talk to native speakers

5 apps to practice languages with native speakers

When we are learning a language, we have all felt the impotence of wanting to say something and not having the vocabulary. Not only that, but also the difficulty of pronouncing well and the fear of not being understood. Learning a language is not easy, but we can take advantage of current technology.

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One of the trends that has most spread now is the digital modality of 'language exchange'. These are apps that connect you with language natives you want to learn and, thus, you can practice it while you know the other person and their culture.

Here, at LatinAmerican Post, we present 5 language exchange apps that can help you to finally speak that language you have studied so much.

1. Tandem


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In this free app you must register and put the data of the languages you know and those you want to practice. Then, it shows you possible companions that speak the language that you want to practice and that are interested in the languages that you speak. This app connects you with people with whom you can share about your language and culture and learn about theirs.

2. Bilingual

Bilingua is a language exchange app that not only connects you with the native speaker, but also tries to motivate the conversation with 2 resources. First, it connects you with people with whom you share personal interests, beyond the language you want to learn. Second, it has the help of Shiro, a bot of the application that recommends you and your partner articles on their topics of interest, topics of conversation, and questions about your topics of interest. The app also gives the possibility to play with your partner or with Shiro.

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3. HiNative


Unlike the previous two, Hinative works as a question and answer forum. Any language learner can register for free and ask the community about pronunciation, vocabulary, and even request quick translations. You can also ask for people to correct texts that you wrote and to clarify ambiguous terms. This is a perfect app for students who want to pass international exams and quickly answer their questions.

4. Idyoma


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The peculiarity of Idyoma is that it not only connects you with natives of the language you want to learn, but also tracks the natives who live in your city so that you can meet them and thus return the exchange of languages into a tangible reality. The app recommends that during the conversation times are set to speak each language so that both people have the greatest benefit. Last and very important, it is free for everyone.

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5. Italki


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If making friends or looking for casual conversations is not your best preference, we recommend Italki. This app connects you with language teachers from all over the world with whom you can establish direct contact, a rate that fits your budget, and the schedule that best suits you. You do not pay for registration, but for individual class, so you are free to choose when you want and you can have the class.


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