Technological millionaires! 5 of the richest people in the world

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These 5 persons went further and took advantage of the advances in technology to accumulate fortunes of billions of dollars

Technological millionaires! 5 of the richest people in the world thanks to technology

Technology is becoming more necessary in people's daily lives, so while many use it, a few benefit from it being part of technological evolution and accompanying it in its progress. In this list of the 5 technological millionaires are people dedicated to the world of the Internet, software and the manufacture of electronic devices.

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According to Bloomberg, the 5 technological billionaires are:

5) Larry Ellison


The 74-year-old American is currently the eighth richest person on the planet, and this is because he is the CEO and Chief Technology Officer of Oracle Corporation, according to Britannica. Oracle is a company that was founded by Ellison in 1979, and consists of a system that manages the database and provides software for more than 430 thousand companies (large, medium and small) in 175 countries, including Coca Cola and Amazon. In addition, Ellison's company also offers cloud storage service. For this reason, the American has a fortune of 56.7 billion dollars.

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4) Larry Page


With only 45 years, Page is one of the founders of Alphabet, a company that since 2015 owns Google, also founded by Page. Therefore, as Alphabet's current CEO, Larry Page is the owner of important technology companies such as Google, the Android operating system, the YouTube social network, among others. Alphabet only works as the parent company that Google created to manage each of its projects independently and better manage its new inventions, according to CNN en español. This great company makes Page own a fortune of 57.900 million dollars, which makes him the seventh richest person in the world.

3) Mark Zuckerberg

The youngest of the list with 34 years of age is this American, one of the most popular in the ranking because he is responsible for having created the largest social network in the world: Facebook. In addition, he has also acquired other companies such as Instagram, WhatsApp and many others from the digital area and social networks, according to El Comercio. Zuckerberg has a fortune of 67,600 million dollars and is the fifth richest man in the world.

2) Bill Gates


Una publicación compartida de Bill Gates (@thisisbillgates) el


He was the co-founder of the world's largest software company: Microsoft. This company has been in charge of managing the Windows operating system, also of designing and manufacturing smartphones as well as tablets and Office tools. Although Bill Gates left the presidency of Microsoft in 2014, since that year he has been managing his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Here he works on improvements for the health sector and education, focusing mainly on emerging countries and poor populations, according to Biography. Gates' fortune stands at 98.6 billion dollars, the second largest in the world.

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1) Jeff Bezos


The first to overcome the barrier of one hundred billion dollars is the 55-year-old American, current CEO of Amazon, a company that he founded in 1994 and is now the most known online trading company on the planet, according to Infobae. In addition, he has innovated in the sector of physical stores and shipments, with a system of purchases without cashiers and deliveries at home with drones. This has made Bezos the person with the greatest fortune in history: a patrimony of 139,000 million dollars.


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