Millionaire fine to Bayer should make us wake up

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Much has been discussed about the terrible consequences of glyphosate, but governments like the Colombian one insist on using the controversial herbicide

Millionaire fine to Bayern should make us wake up

To turn a blind eye and avoid facing the consequences of glyphosate seems to be the position of big companies like Bayern and governments like Ivan Duque. Despite the fact that the herbicide has been classified as a possible cause of the development of cancer and that environmentally it produces serious damage to ecosystems and animal health, they insist on continuing to use it as a pesticide and one of the tools for the eradication of illicit drugs.

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An arrogant and negligent position of people who care little about human health and environmental care. Despite the refusal to recognize the damage of glyphosate, a recent verdict in the United States may be the opportunity to change this position. A jury in California condemned Bayern to pay $ 2 billion dollars to a couple who developed cancer after using the Monsanto chemical. This means that the balance leans towards those who have argued that this substance is highly dangerous.

Although this type of sentence gives the reason to those who object to the use of the chemical, it seems that it is more important to continue generating money and growing giants such as Bayern, which have fallen so low that they now devote themselves to espionage and illegal data collection. The company spied more than 200 people, including politicians, scientists, and journalists. According to ABC, they did so for the sole purpose of ascertaining their position regarding genetically modified organisms and the use of chemicals such as glyphosate.

The French press has published that espionage not only included the opinion regarding glyphosate, but that personal information was collected such as hobbies and contact lists. The idea was to be able to repress criticism against the use of the herbicide and to facilitate the approval of products that contain it, such as Roundup, the product for which they will have to pay the millionaire sum. Outrageous and absurd. Not only do they attack the health of people with glyphosate, but Bayern now devotes itself to spying on leaders and politicians to pressure them to approve a substance that can become lethal.

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However, if it rains in Bayern, it then arrives in Colombia. The government of the current president has been determined to implement again the sprays with the herbicide to combat the cultivation of illicit drugs. For many of us, it is obvious that Duque and Ramírez are complying with the agenda of a small sector of Colombian society, pleasing the interests of the flag bearer against the FARC and the ELN. Another strategy to promote war and perpetuate itself in power.

A dark picture that reveals even more complicated realities with interests and actions bordering on illegality. The good news is that the ruling against Bayern is the perfect scenario to promote the debate, with solid arguments, of why this product should be banned. Money can be generated without having to attempt against life. The trafficking and illegal cultivation of drugs can be eliminated by implementing effective strategies that respond to the needs of 2019 and not 2008. Let us promote this debate, inform us and demand that we cease to attempt against life. Beyond the economic agenda and political interests, our leaders should be concerned about the serious impacts this chemical produces.


LatinAmerican Post | Marcela Peñaloza

Translated from "Millonaria multa de Bayern debería hacernos despertar"