Sex toys are making a comeback to CES 2020

Lora Dicarlo, a sex tech company banned in 2019 from the Consumers Electronic Show (CES), is making a comeback this year.

View of the showcase of a 'Sex Shop'.

View of the showcase of a 'Sex Shop'. / Photo: Pxhere - Reference Image

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The CES 2020 is being held in Las Vegas and has several surprises for attendants including sex toys under the health and wellness category, just one year after the sex tech startup Lora DiCarlo, which promotes feminine-focused products was banned by the CTA. 

The decision to let sex tech startups to compete in this category, according to Tech crunch, was announced in July by the CTA. 

The startup, which was named after her owner, won an innovation award last year at CES for Osé, a robotic massager that stimulates women, which was later revoked by the CTA as they found it “immoral, obscene and profane", according to USA Today. 

As read on FOX, critics said that banning a product directed to women was sexist and the Consumer Technology Association had to apologize and reinstate the award to DiCarlo. 

Also, in order to promote gender diversity in the tech show, which has been historically dominated by men, CES partnered with The Female Quotient, a company that trains businesses on how to achieve gender equality at the workplace. 

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Sex toys have been sold for years only at sex shops or online, giving consumers the wrong idea that they need to be discreet when getting them. "We think we're at the precipice of social change when it comes to the conversation around sexual health and wellness," Lora Haddock DiCarlo told Fox Business. 

According to DiCarlo, last year`s incident was very productive for her, as in December she had pre-sold more than 10.000 Osé sex toys, each for the price of $290. 

"The greatest challenge has been manufacturing this unique device on a mass scale. Prototyping was one thing, but the final micro-robotic device is made up of almost 250 parts to create biomimetic movement, and that was an undertaking to produce" DiCarlo said.

“Following last year’s incident having the Innovation Award rescinded and reinstated for Osé, we became change agents, initiating a critical public conversation about gender equity and creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all CES attendees,” said Lora Haddock according to the Associated Press.

“After learning more about our products and our mission, people have come to realize that sexual wellness is an important part of overall well-being. This year, we are at CES to continue to reshape how people think about sex tech. It’s not about the technology. It’s not about the orgasm. It’s about how tech-enhanced experiences can lead to a greater sense of wellness, including improved sleep, reduced stress, and better mood", she continued. 

This year, DiCarlo will release two new products named Baci and Onda, according to USA Today. As read on CNET, Baci is a "micro-robotic pleasure device that simulates the feel and motion of the human lips and tongue" and Onda wants to replicate the motion of human fingers.

"Our brand is about talking about sexual health and wellness. It's about talking about gender equity. It's given us a lot of opportunities to be in spaces and talk about issues that are not just the product," said Lora to CNET.