Resilient entrepreneurs: Beatriz Fernández, co-founder of Crepes & Wafles

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Five days with the most resilient Colombian businesswomen in the face of the crisis .

Beatriz Fernandez

We tell you which are resilient businesswomen during these times of crisis. / Photo: crepesywaffles.com

The Woman Post | Maria Lourdes Zimmermann

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"Being the best company for the world and not the best in the world" is the philosophy that many companies began to adopt in recent years worldwide that integrate the B or Bcorp system.

The Bcorps are determined by the category, size or turnover, they are committed to generating constant changes in the way in which a company is made, they are sustainable and are in favor of the implementation of innovation strategies that respect the environment, they consider in their decisions their consumers, workers and the community.

This philosophy makes companies more resilient, prepared for changes when situations warrant them and that is what Crepes & Wafles, a B company in Colombia, has shown.

The Woman Post chose a group of Colombian businesswomen to show the resilience of women in times of crisis and their responses to the pandemic.

Beatriz Fernández co-founder of Crepes & Wafles

She is one of the most reputable businesswomen in Colombia according to the firm Monitor Empresarial de Reputación Corporativa (Merco), but Beatriz Fernández's true rating is obtained from Colombians.

The company is in everyone's collective imagination, not only because of the unforgettable flavors of French and Colombian cuisines, but also because it is a company with a bunch of women who share eternal smiles and good service with their clients.

80% of the Crepes & Wafles team are women, in total there are more than 5,500 employees and 90 restaurants throughout the country.

She is quite an artist, her forms, gestures, the way she speaks and her sensitivity demonstrate this. Everything she does has a special shine, a lot of color in the kitchen and an artistic touch in everything that surrounds it. She is absolutely social, she thinks about others and their well-being, with a feeling that emerges in her words with sincerity.

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Beatriz Fernández is controversial and she doesn't care what they will say, that is why she expresses herself as the artist that she is. That is why in the face of the toughest pressures she is always ready to respond with her best strategy and always drawing a winning card full of creativity.

Crepes is a B company, a characteristic that stands out among the other companies in the country, but the social line that marks the organization is evident at first glance.

Women heads of households who are the basis of the company, growth within the company due to merits, commitments with the communities that provide the inputs of its restaurants and a huge environmental contribution, are tattoos on the skin of the company drawn year after year by Beatriz Fernández and her team.

This year the pandemic was not an impediment to continue, the transformation of the company was immediate, answering for so many homes supported by women with children that could not wait for the total economic opening of the country. So their strategy allowed them to continue moving inside their restaurants, providing a service to Colombia with all the necessary health standards to have safe employees and calm clients free of infections.

Creating a fleet of domestic women who continued to bring the sophisticated flavor of Crepes to Colombian homes was a response to the crisis. The news went viral when the bikers appeared on their social networks, harmoniously dressed with the usual smiles on electric motorcycles, with the philosophy of environmental respect that characterizes them and ready to distribute what they do best.

On their website was the following message:

“Our people teach us to be strong every day. They are warriors, brave, fighters, dedicated and responsible, who face situations of great adversity. But above all with a giant heart, who give love to everything they do, serve joys, smiles, life ”.

The first announcement was made on social networks in the month of July, their home delivery system began in Bogotá, a month later they were already doing the same in 7 cities of the country according to their social networks. The expansion of the initiative was followed by a message that said: "We believe in Colombia and we work for it, because when hope is shared, it is stronger."

For these and many reasons, The Woman Post highlights the inspiring work of Beatriz Fernández, co-founder of Crepes & Wafles in Colombia.