Latin America in Short: Peru Without Foreign Minister And The Region Affected By Climate Change

The fighting continues in Kabul, UN reports show how the climate crisis affects the region and Peru has no foreign minister. Find out about the most relevant of the week with our summary .

Hector Bejar

These were the most relevant news of this week. Photo: Wikimedia-ComuniCambio, Pixabay

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The week ends and as always we bring summarized and explained the five most relevant news from the world and the region. The fighting in Kabul continues, Peru has been left without a chancellor after less than a month of the new government and reports from the scientific community give alarming data on climate change. Everything explained here.


The fighting in Kabul is not over yet

Despite the almost complete control of the streets of Kabul by the Taliban, the airport remains the only exit space for the desperate and fearful Afghans of their lives. The military part of the place is still controlled by Western soldiers who maintain the order to remain on the ground. However, an onslaught by Taliban forces left at least 12 dead, according to a Taliban statement.

Meanwhile, the rebels continue to hunt civilians who have participated or collaborated with foreign forces. The international press also warns of the theft of documents that show links between Afghans and the US army, the only way they are allowing the flights to be addressed.

Joseph Borrel, in charge of EU Foreign Relations, warns that there are at least 300 Afghans who helped the EU for years are "blocked from reaching the airport."

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Pedro Castillo seeks foreign minister after less than a month of government

With only 19 days in office, Héctor Béjar leaves his position as chancellor of the new Peruvian president. Béjar gives in to strong criticism he received when some old statements were made public in which he claimed that "terrorism in Peru was started by the Navy."

The resignation of the 85-year-old sociologist and ex-guerrilla fighter occurs a few days after the Castillo administration requests a vote of confidence in Parliament on August 26.


Latin America would be the region most affected by climate change

On August 17, a report by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO) was published in which it is ensured that the region most affected by the consequences of climate change is and will be Latin America.

According to the report, meteorological phenomena such as droughts, hurricanes and floods will begin to be the new normal in the coming years. By foreseeing that the region will see the impacts of climate change first-hand, the report warns about the importance of starting to think about risk reduction, especially considering that the agricultural sector will be one of the most affected, which would imply a blow to access to food in a region where poverty is significant.


The climate crisis is a humanitarian crisis

In the framework of World Humanitarian Assistance Day, which was celebrated on August 19, attention was focused on the climate crisis and the consequences it has brought and will continue to bring for the most vulnerable communities.

António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, and Inger Andersen, Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Program, drew attention to the importance of understanding that the climate crisis not only destroys ecosystems, but also puts ecosystems at risk. human lives and called for solidarity with people who are being directly affected by the climate crisis.


Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern

After seven very successful seasons at Bayern München, the best player in the Bundesliga would be looking for new opportunities outside of this competition. His club told him that it would facilitate his departure if an offer of 115 million euros or more came for him. However, at 33 years of age, seniority plays against Lewandowski, as it is difficult for a club to offer that amount of money for him. On the other hand, it should also be remembered that Lewandowski is a superstar, who with Bayern has achieved 297 goals and 50 assists in 331 games, in addition to 18 titles.