Horoscope: Aries Season

Aries is the first astrological sign, therefore it is the sign of new beginnings. If you want to start some work, personal projects or routines, the best season is this. Find out what the horoscope tells you .


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Aries: Piscean energy brings a bit of slowness, but with the entrance of the sun in Aries it will make you feel more energetic, wanting to do more activities. You will also feel a little more secure. So if for this new solar year you want to start something new, do it because the energy will help you.

Taurus: The Aries season always reminds you of the importance of taking care of your health in all aspects, physical and mental. So if you feel that you could use a checkup, check how much you are resting, if you are giving the body what it needs, if you are emotionally well or if you feel overwhelmed. It doesn't hurt to give yourself a self-care space.

Gemini: This season your confidence works a lot when it comes to relating and speaking in public. As a good Gemini, you have a talent for communication, but that does not mean that you always feel comfortable talking when there are already other people. You can start with the exercise of speaking in front of a camera about a topic that you like and are passionate about.

Cancer: The energy of Aries is an engine to start moving, it's like that spark that helps you gain strength, so it's a season to exploit your potential, your talents. Of course: focus your attention on one thing because you may want to do so much that you end up a little overwhelmed.

Leo: Aries season can turn on the urge to travel, which is fine. However, sometimes the Aries season puts us on the fast track and we make decisions without reviewing them well. So if you want to travel, plan, buy the ticket in time, contact the hotel directly, lest the rush bring one or another surprise.

Virgo: When Mercury enters Aries, which will be in a few days, you may feel like exploding. Rage is necessary in certain situations. However, be very careful how you say things because you may end up being hurtful to someone who doesn't deserve it.

Libra: Aries energy awakens a new season in your relationships, love, friends or partners. If you are in a relationship, try to do activities that get you out of the routine. If you are single, try to socialize with new people, be open to having new friends and meet people outside of work that take you out of the day to day.

Scorpio: With the Aries season sudden changes can happen, especially in very everyday things that can bother you, so it's also a learning to let go of control of things and not let small details spoil your day. Just as sudden changes come, so do sudden decisions.

Sagittarius: Aries energy awakens you the desire to innovate, to launch yourself into something new, to take risks and I think it's beautiful that you do it, since the Aries drives you to create. Just be careful not to stop halfway through what you start this season. Of course, the projects can have changes but keep in mind that it is not left halfway.

Capricorn: When Mercury enters Aries, be a little careful with family fights or with the people you live with. Aries may light the spark and you can't stand many things that are happening in your environment, if something explodes it's because you have to talk and they exceeded the limit. Try to speak with a calm mind.

Aquarius: The Aries season invites you to get excited about little things. Sometimes it is necessary to feel like a child again to also allow oneself to create, enjoy and enjoy. So he paints, he cooks, he works with clay, he colours, he sings at the top of his voice.

Pisces: The first few days of the Aries season we'll still have a bit of the Piscean energy so it can be very flattering because what you've been cultivating in the last month can have a pretty good boost. Get organized and take advantage of the boost that energy is giving you.

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