Latin America in Short: Ortega Exposed at the OAS | NATO meets

It was now official that NATO is meeting this week in an extraordinary session to deal, of course, with Russia's invasion of Ukraine. In Latin America, Daniel Ortega is exposed by his ambassador to the OAS. These and more news of the week summarized here.

Daniel Ortega and NATO Flags

Photo: AFP, NATO

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In global affairs, this week NATO closed ranks in the face of threats from Russia. In Latin America, meanwhile, Daniel Ortega is exposed by the Nicaraguan ambassador to the OAS. In health news, Pfizer calls for blood pressure drug recall; in science news, there are already 5,000 planets beyond the solar system. In sports, PSG salaries were revealed, which is not bad at all.

Nicaraguan Ambassador to the OAS attacks Ortega

In an unprecedented event, the person designated by the government of President Daniel Ortega in the OAS strongly criticized his president. Arturo McFields severely criticized the repression and political persecution suffered by his compatriots before his counterparts. Additionally, the diplomat classified him as a dictator and assured that despite the risk that he and his family may run, he preferred to publicly denounce his government.

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Foreign Affairs publicly stated that "Mr. Arturo McFields does not represent us, for which reason none of his statements is valid." McFlieds resigned just after his speech. His replacement will be Ambassador Francisco Campbell Hooker.

NATO closes ranks in the face of Russia's threat

This week the extraordinary summit of NATO members is being held in Brussels. The subject to be discussed is, obviously, Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the threat that this represents for the rest of the members of the group and for Europe in general. Among the agreed decisions is the reinforcement of its troops in Eastern Europe and activating defenses against possible attacks with chemical, biological or nuclear weapons by Moscow.

However, the military alliance agreed that its role would stop short of intervening directly in the Ukrainian conflict. While the members of NATO, the EU and the G7 are also divided on the implementation of sanctions on the Russian energy sector, on which Europe is dependent.

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Pfizer asks to withdraw blood pressure drugs from the market

Through a statement, this Monday Pfizer announced that it is withdrawing from the market several batches of tablets of a drug called Accuretic (quinapril HCl/hydrochlorothiazide) that is used to treat hypertension, as well as two generics distributed by the Greenstone brand. The decision is made because they have a presence of nitrosamine above the Acceptable Daily Intake (ADI) level. This compound is associated with the risk of cancer if people are exposed for a long time.

There are already 5,000 planets beyond the solar system

This was confirmed by NASA this week, with the accession of 65 exoplanets to the list of the NASA Exoplanet Archive. It is a cosmic milestone because the possibilities of understanding how space works, beyond the earth, are increasing. "The close connection between the chemistry of life on Earth and the chemistry found throughout the universe, as well as the detection of organic molecules in general, suggests that the detection of life itself is only a matter of time," he noted. Alexander Wolszczan, lead researcher on the report.

PSG salaries revealed

Information about the salaries of the most important team in France was recently released. The player who earns the most money per month is the Brazilian Neymar with 4.1 million euros net, according to 'L'Equipe'. In second place appears Lionel Messi, who takes 3.3 million euros net monthly and is followed by Kylian Mbappé, with 2.2 million. In total, PSG has an average of 990,000 euros per month in salaries. Nothing bad.