Latin America in Short: Presidential Elections in France | Juan Fernando Quintero Injured

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This Sunday there will be presidential elections in France. In sports, on the other hand, this week Juan Fernando Quintero was injured. These and other news of the week summarized here .

Emmanuel Macron, Marine Le Pen and Juan Fernando Quintero

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In Latin America, the International Court of Justice affirmed this week that Colombia has violated Nicaragua's sovereignty by ignoring the 2012 ruling that grants the Central American country 75,000 square kilometers of sea that Colombia previously declared as its own. In global news, there will be presidential elections in France this Sunday. As for sports, Juan Fernando Quintero is injured. These and other relevant news of the week summarized here.

International Court of Justice says that Colombia violated the rights of Nicaragua

This week, the TJI in The Hague ruled that the Colombian State has violated Nicaragua's sovereignty by allowing fishing in the Nicaraguan sea. Additionally, the court also affirmed that Colombia has exercised controls and activities in the maritime territory of the Central American country, and has already violated its rights by intervening in fishing activities and scientific research of ships with permission from Managua. The ruling orders Colombia to cease these activities immediately.

Already in 2012, the same court had ruled on a border dispute in the waters shared by Colombia and Nicaragua. That ruling ratified Colombian sovereignty in the archipelago of San Andrés and Providencia, but granted 75,000 square kilometers of sea to Nicaragua that Colombia declared as its own. Colombia has ignored the ruling since 2012, as it asserts that the constitution only recognizes the border limits of treaties. Bogotá affirms that the only way to settle this dispute is through a binational agreement, something that Managua rejects.

France chooses its next president between Macron and Le Pen

The second largest economy in the European Union elects its president this Sunday. The French go to the second electoral round and will define between Marine Le Pen (far right) and the current president, Emmanuel Macron (center). In the first round, Macron took a slight advantage over his opponent by obtaining 27.84% against 23.15%.

If Le Pen wins, she would become the first female president of France in history. However, the polls show the current president as the favorite, with an intention to vote above 55%. This campaign has revolved around the war in Ukraine and Macron has known how to attack the historical link that has existed between the Russian president, Vladimir Putin, and the candidate of the National Rally (previously called the National Front).

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INVIMA warns about batch of defective Today condoms

On April 20, INVIMA, the National Institute for Drug and Food Surveillance, alerted users of Today brand condoms due to defects in a batch. After testing, they discovered that batch number 2106572316 had holes. Therefore, the withdrawal of these condoms from the market was ordered. However, it is essential that users who have acquired this brand in the last few days, check the health registration number and the batch number together with the barcode to verify that it does not coincide with the defective batch. Likewise, said purchase must be reported to INVIMA.

First summit of the Escazú Agreement

The Escazú Agreement has held its first summit of countries at ECLAC headquarters in Chile from April 20 to 22. Representatives from several countries, regional integration organizations, and representatives of civil society and academia have met to address the implementation of this important environmental agreement, which has been signed by 24 countries in the region and ratified by 12. According to ECLAC, this The meeting seeks to evaluate the financing measures and the strategy for the implementation of the pact.

Juan Fernando Quintero was injured

Colombian midfielder Juan Fernando Quintero, who plays for River Plate, was injured on April 20. 'Juan Fer' has discomfort in the hamstring of his left leg, according to the Argentine team. The recovery of this talented Colombian player is not expected to last more than a few weeks and will not have any long-term repercussions for his career. “It really doesn't bother me, this is part of football. The most important thing is to recover and that's it," the soccer player told the Argentine media.