Latin America in Short: Álvaro Uribe On Trial | Rigoberto Urán Falls

This week, against the recommendations of the Prosecutor's Office, Judge Carmen Ortíz of Bogotá gave the go-ahead to bring former President Álvaro Uribe to trial for bribery of witnesses. In sports, Rigoberto Urán withdraws from the Tour de Romandía. This and more summarized here .

Alvaro Uribe and Rigoberto Uran

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It is confirmed this week that the investigation of the former Colombian president may continue, so Álvaro Uribe may go to trial for bribing witnesses. In economic matters, the United States gives its approval. Regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, this week Moderna has requested authorization for the vaccine for children under 5 years of age. In environmental news, a study published this week warns that one in five reptiles is in danger of extinction. Finally, in sports, Rigoberto Urán suffers a fall that leaves him out of the Tour de Romandía.

Former Colombian President Álvaro Uribe on trial for bribing witnesses

In the midst of a fervent electoral campaign for the presidency of Colombia, Judge Carmen Ortíz of Bogotá gave the go-ahead for the process against former President Álvaro Uribe for alleged bribery and procedural fraud to continue. This judicial decision goes against what the ex-sender's defense and the Prosecutor's Office itself expected. The control entity, controlled by Francisco Barbosa, close to Uribismo, had even asked for the case to be precluded.

Uribe, possibly the most powerful former president in the country and political father of the current president, Iván Duque, will now be able to appeal to the Supreme Court of Bogotá. It is important to note that the decision of the togada does not imply guilt or innocence of the former president, only that it considers that there is sufficient evidence to maintain the investigation and subsequent trial.

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US economy gives signs of recession

The largest economy on the planet suffers the first contraction since the start of the pandemic. According to the Bureau of Economic Analysis, GDP growth for the first quarter of 2022 contracted at an annualized rate of 1.4%. Experts blame inflation, rising energy prices and the effects that the Omicron variant is still causing on the labor market.

Moderna requests authorization for its COVID vaccine for children under 5 years of age

Moderna has asked the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an emergency authorization for its COVID-19 vaccine for children 6 months to 5 years of age. It would be the first vaccine for babies. This request arises after a study with 6,700 children, which showed effectiveness in the development of antibodies in infants.

Stéphane Bancel, CEO of Moderna, stated in a press release that the vaccine is effective "We believe that it will be able to safely protect these children against SARS-CoV-2, which is so important in our ongoing fight against COVID- 19, and will be especially well received by parents and caregivers."

One in five reptiles is at risk of extinction

An investigation carried out by Conservation International, NatureServe and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) concluded that 21.1% of reptile species are threatened with extinction, mainly due to trade and illegal hunting. He also pointed out that deforestation is having a strong impact on the situation of forest species.

This study, published in the journal Nature, made an assessment of the situation of 10,196 species, including snakes, crocodiles, lizards and alligators, turtles, and other animals. This study will function as a large inventory of species.

Rigoberto Urán withdrew from the Tour de Romandía

Due to a shoulder injury, Rigoberto Urán had to withdraw from the Tour de Romandía. “Rigo” suffered a fall in the first stage of the Swiss competition, along with Sergio Higuita, another Colombian cyclist. The injury does not require surgery, but Rigoberto will need to take a few days of physical therapy to be able to rehabilitate. In more positive news for Colombian cycling, Alejandro Gaviria finished third in the second stage of this competition.