Latin America in Short: Inflation Continues | Images of Space by the Webb Telescope

This week inflation in Latin America and the world continues to alarm us. However, in good news, new images of space captured by NASA's Webb telescope have been released, which have amazed the world. This and more summarized here .

Coins on a surface and Image of the telescope

Photo: Freepik, NASA

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Inflation continues to alarm the world and Latin America is no exception. Europe will also have to prepare for a winter without heating. On health issues, the WHO warned about the strange childhood hepatitis that may have to do with COVID-19. On the other hand, in friendlier news, NASA's Webb Telescope captured images of space that we've never seen before and were revealed this week. Finally, in sports, David Ospina, a Colombian goalkeeper, arrives at Arab soccer. The most relevant of the week summarized here.

Argentina brushes in July the inflation that was expected throughout 2022

Inflation in the world does not let up, but Argentina seems to be in critical condition. With barely 6 months of the year, the southern country has registered an inflation of 36.2%, the highest level in 30 years. This leaves Argentina with a devaluation of the national currency of 64% in the last 12 months. Neither the appointment of a new Minister of Economy, nor the measures that restrict the outflow of dollars, nor the agreements made by President Alberto Fernández with the International Monetary Fund and foreign debtors seem to have had an effect. Even because of the recent events or because of how inefficient this is in the face of a complicated international scenario.

According to Inflación sin Fronteras, only Venezuela, Lebanon and Sudan have higher indicators than Argentina, which demonstrates the chronic outlook of the South American country. The sectors hardest hit by the increase in prices are health (7.4%), housing, water, electricity and fuels (6.8%); Alcoholic beverages and tobacco (6.7%); among other products. The most worrying thing is that the new estimates give a gray picture and predict a total inflation of 2022 of 90%. For its part, the Argentine unions hope to be able to negotiate with employers for an adjustment to wages due to the increase in product prices.

Europe prepares for a winter without heating

The energy crisis in Europe as a result of the war in Ukraine and the sanctions against Russia, set off alarms on the continent. The European Union is already preparing contingency plans for a possible energy rationing during the coming winter. The measures will begin to be taken, even during the same summer. Among the plans being discussed is a reduction in gas use and policies to keep air conditioners above 25 degrees.

Additionally, it is also expected that in the next tables, there will be savings in heating, in domestic consumption and policies to promote the use of energy from coal and nuclear plants, which represents a setback of decades in environmental policies that several countries had been developing. . However, it is also requested to increase the use of renewable energies.

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The James Webb Telescope opens a new history of space

This space telescope, an instrument of NASA, the European Space Agency and the Canadian Space Agency, revealed new images of space. According to Bill Nellson, administrator of NASA, this constitutes a milestone for space studies without precedent. "Humanity is today witnessing a new and innovative vision of the cosmos," he said in a press release. This telescope will allow the development of new At the same time, it will be essential to reveal clues about the past of space and the origin of the cosmos.In fact, some of the images that have already been shown publicly allow us to infer what the universe would be like 13,000 million years ago.

The strange childhood hepatitis already exceeds 1,000 cases

This was revealed on Wednesday by the World Health Organization. It is an acute hepatitis present in boys and girls, whose origin is unknown, although there are indications that it is related to COVID-19. To date, more than 1,010 cases have been detected, present in 35 countries. However, what is worrying is that 22 cases have been fatal and 46 have required transplants. While science advances with confirmed data on its origin and prevention, it is necessary to maintain hygiene measures similar to those of the Coronavirus. That is, frequent hand washing and use of a mask. Likewise, proper cooking of food and consumption of drinking water is necessary.

David Ospina came to Arab football

Colombian goalkeeper David Ospina, one of the most talented players of the Colombian National Team, will go to a team from Saudi Arabia. On July 11, he was officially presented as Al-Nassr's new goalkeeper. The goalkeeper finished his contract with Napoli and did not want to renew it, so he finished four successful years in Italy and came to this team as a free agent. Ospina is not the first Colombian who chooses to go to a lower level league to earn more money. Let us remember the case of James Rodríguez, who was transferred from Everton to Al-Rayyan last year.