Breaking News: Spanish Prosecutor Asks for 8 Years in Prison for Shakira

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The Latin Pop Superstar Shakira Faces a Legal Process for Crimes Against the Public Treasury in Spain.


Photo: IG-shakira

LatinAmerican Post | Santiago Gómez Hernández

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Shakira could go to jail, or at least that is what the Spanish Prosecutor's Office is asking for in the case of crimes against the Public Treasury of the Colombian singer. According to the Iberian government, the singer born in Barranquilla defrauded 14.5 million euros by not paying personal income tax and wealth taxes between 2012 and 2014. In addition to the custodial sentence, a fine of up to 23.7 million euros that the artist should pay if found guilty is also required.

Shakira has already paid the amount required by the Treasury (14 million euros), plus 3 million in interest. However, this would not free her from possible conviction.

On behalf of the singer, a statement was made public in which they detail that she and her team of lawyers are calm and that they will leave the procedures to be followed in the hands of the law.

Shakira had rejected a few days ago an agreement offered by the Prosecutor's Office to avoid being tried and facing prison. According to the lawyers of the author of "Te felicito", she trusts her innocence and hopes to get out of this case soon.

According to Spanish law, any person who resides for more than 184 days a year in the country must pay taxes before national entities. Shakira assures that she stayed less than that time and that her constant stay in Spain was due to the concert schedule and work commitments.

In 2017, Shakira was mentioned in the well-known Panama Papers scandal, where she was associated with bank accounts in tax havens. Spanish authorities assure that Shakira resided in Spain, but officially had the Bahamas as her home.