Latin America in Short: COP27 Ends | The World Cup in Qatar 2022 Begins

This week, the international summit to take action against climate change, COP27, ends. And once the COP is over, the World Cup in Qatar 2022 begins. These and other relevant news of the week are summarized here.

Members of the COP 27 and Logo of the World Cup in Qatar

Photo: TW-COP27P, TW-Fifa

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Among the most relevant news of the week is the landing of two missiles in Poland during the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In Latin America, on the other hand, PAHO has warned of a new outbreak of respiratory diseases. The most covered news this week, however, are, on the one hand, COP27, which is already over; and on the other, the start of the World Cup in Qatar 2022. Here we summarize the most relevant of the week.

NATO confirms that the missiles that fell in Poland were Ukrainian

Despite the fact that at first the versions warned that 2 Russian missiles had fallen on Polish territory, after a few hours it was confirmed that the missiles were Ukrainian. So far, the investigations show that it would be S-300 anti-aircraft defense missiles that Ukraine has been using to defend itself against the Russian offensive. Rockets that struck a farm in the Przewodow municipality on the Polish-Ukrainian border on Tuesday night killed 2 people.

The incident caused great concern, because if it were a deliberate aggression by Russia alone, this could have generated a joint response from all of NATO. Since Poland is one of the members of the Western Military Alliance, any attack on this or any other country would generate a response from all the other members. This would generate a direct confrontation between the United States and its allies, against Russia. Two sides with nuclear power.

Although, for now, NATO rules out a response and the world breathes easy by avoiding a direct confrontation between Russia and NATO, voices in the West do not take responsibility away from the Putin regime. For example, Mark Rutte, Prime Minister of the Netherlands, stated that “this would not have happened without the terrible Russian missile attacks on Ukraine”.

Censorship complaints increase in Qatar ahead of the World Cup

Several international media have complained about the strict rules to be able to cover the Qatar 2022 World Cup. A journalist from Danish television TV2 had an altercation with Qatari government personnel in the middle of a live broadcast. The images show how 3 men arrive in a golf cart and threateningly ask him to stop his recording. At the same time they take the camera and move it. The annoyed journalist reproaches him for the possible damage they can do to his team.

TV2 later confirmed that it received an apology from the Organizing Committee and commented that the journalist had to wait for the arrival of another security person to confirm that the permits were in order.

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Green Peace warns the EU of inaction against the protection of diversity

In the midst of COP27, the European Union, being part of the countries with the highest income, plays a fundamental role. However, although they intend to show themselves as leaders in climate action, the Green Peace organization has published the "report of the 15th CBD (International Summit of the Convention on Biological Diversity)" showing the failures of the European Union in the protection of biodiversity . He also points out that the EU is a voracious consuming area: “Current consumption is so high that the European resources themselves are insufficient. In this way, products such as meat, palm oil and soybeans (mainly used for animal feed) make the EU responsible for 16% of tropical deforestation”, states a press release.

Unfortunately, this is not the only complaint of censorship. A Colombian journalist explained on his TikTok how it has been difficult for him to cover the event. Journalist Luis Felipe Jaramillo of Caracol Televisión explains that despite having his accreditation with him at all times, he is constantly approached by security personnel anywhere in Qatar and asked to remove the material. Jaramillo comments that it has always been respectful, but denounces that his accreditation, which allows the use of cameras, is not enough to be able to cover the event.

PAHO warns that America faces a triple threat of respiratory diseases

Carissa Etienne, director of the Pan American Health Organization, announced this Wednesday that the American continent had a 17% increase in COVID-19 cases, with an increase in deaths in South and Central America. Added to the threat of COVID-19 are influenza and the respiratory syncytial virus, which according to this organization "overburdened health systems over the past week." “Every time we become complacent about this virus, we risk a re-emergence. We cannot let our guard down,” Etienne said. This, especially in Brazil, Canada, the United States, Mexico and Uruguay.