Astrological Forecasts for 2023: Year of Beginnings, Transition and Dragons

2023 Will be a Year of Beginnings on a Personal and Collective Level to Conquer and Continue Rebuilding What Since 2020 has Emerged as a new Destination, a Year to Make Sense of What we have Experienced, Relate Better and Materialize Dreams. These are the Astrological Forecasts for 2023

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Although it is impossible to guess the future, astrology can give clues to probable energy trends due to the influence of the planets on a personal and global level. As the weather is predicted, astrology can provide an overview, like when in 2020 the predictions announced something very important on a social level that would change the world forever due to the triple union of three important planets in the sign of reality and the structure. Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto acted at that moment as destroying dragons of the old while marking a new path that we are following and will continue to follow for three decades. The dragons represent, among other things, the tests we face to access the treasures they guard, such as knowledge. That is why the figure of the dragon here is a metaphor for the wisdom that is acquired in all this long process, and we already do it.

Only a few years have passed since that meeting of dragons and in 2023 the three change sign, that is, we are in times of transition and when they change energy, the melody changes a bit. The advantage is that we have gained a bit of experience, we are accepting, for example, that there is a new stability with uncertainty. In addition, since 2021 a 200-year air cycle began in which science, intellect, personal development, information, technology, and freedom mobilize progress, no longer industries and governments, and it is already seen especially in Latin America. Two centuries ago we became independent, what are we going to emancipate ourselves from now?

Crises and conflicts

Jupiter in Aries since December 2022 boosted the fire at the beginning with its flight between flames, especially boosting those who finally dared to do what they love, but it seems that the year will start off in good shape in the second quarter. Jupiter will touch Chiron, the collective war wound will compound, heal, or both. We must aim at reconciliation and self-healing to contribute to world peace, since the conflicts that exist could be complicated and are a reflection of our own internal state. The planets are in the sky and inside us.

2023 will be a year of entrepreneurship, conquest, and struggle, which is why we must be ready and increasingly connect with compassion and empathy. Since May, Jupiter in Taurus expands the economic crisis, but it will be generous with autonomous initiatives and everything that involves innovation, especially if it has an ecological, local and innovation approach. On the other hand, Saturn ends its long period in Aquarius and enters Pisces from March, and it will be coming and going until 2026. Its impact will be gradual and represents a limit to the collective, something already experienced, even if it comes with another tone, and this will be also influenced by the square to Uranus.

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COVID-19, social networks, democracies, and lessons learned

The pandemic will not end, it will continue in waves, although without realizing it we learned to surf them. New attempts at restriction will deal with the strong reaction of the people. Censorship and regulatory measures, especially in relation to the dissemination of information, social networks and their privatization (as happened with Twitter) will be common, and the group will not accept it, as they will want to take advantage of their influence to demand rights. That is why we may also wake up to the fact that shared personal information has a price and that its privacy is a human right to protect. Finally, Saturn will help materialize dreams that in 2022 seemed unrealizable.

One of the most important events is short, but high impact: the planet of power, Pluto, enters Aquarius for a short period to show what is coming from 2024 to 2044, which will be a catharsis and intense transformation. But before we get ahead of ourselves, there is the final purge of Capricorn; let's expect more scandals in governments (left and right), churches, universities and untouchable empires. They all give a drowning kick when they have allowed themselves to be corrupted by ambition.

Personal relationships and closing cycles

On a personal level, we will see how old structures built from the idea of having to be social, family and traditional and fear are finally demolished. Finally, another particularly challenging topic from 2023 to 2025: relationships. Two eclipses, Aries Libra and Venus Star Point in Leo, announce that another evolutionary dragon will make a powerful call to us for internal and external peace. The contract, the agreement, reconciliation, diplomacy, equity, love, the balance between individuality and collective, harmony, parity, and justice will be topics that we will work on for the next two years.

2023 will then be remembered as a year of beginnings, transition, war and peace, healing, closing old cycles, great personal beginnings, and we will make the first adjustments to a new way of bonding. It will be a positive year, several sextiles guarantee fluidity and opportunities that can be taken advantage of, and the best way to know how to do it is by doing a personal analysis of the impact of astrological factors on one's birth chart. The dragons of change will fly dragging the past with their wings, and it is advisable to climb on their backs, try to conquer the wind and glimpse their lairs full of treasures.