2023 According to the Chinese Horoscope: Year of the Water Rabbit

The Chinese New Year begins with the first new moon in Aquarius, so the first calendar day is January 22, 2023, according to our Gregorian calendar. For the Chinese horoscope, each year is associated with an animal and an element. This 2023 corresponds to the water rabbit .

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There are hundreds of astrological currents. Two of the most popular are the oriental (of which the Chinese horoscope stands out) and the astrology that we call traditional or western. In reality, they are not compatible or comparable due to their philosophical, technical and cultural differences, but it is curious that this 2023 coincide in some general predictions.

Chinese and Western Astrology: Differences and Similarities

In philosophical terms, the astrology that we inherit culturally in the Western Hemisphere is solar, which refers to consciousness and the light we give to our own expression. In contrast, Chinese astrology is lunar, so it is based on the subconscious, on what we project onto the world around us.

The Chinese horoscope classifies twelve animals (or signs) that govern in cycles of twelve months, and Western astrology classifies twelve signs that govern monthly by the symbolic passage of the sun through the constellations associated with said signs. So, if the Chinese horoscope is based on the “reflected” characteristics of the personality, or year, according to the animal, this 2023, which corresponds to the water rabbit, will be a year of kindness, adaptability, surprise, creativity, art, mind, docility, or escapism and herds.

Curious Coincidences for 2023

Although there are no correspondences between western zodiac signs and oriental animals, we could assume that the energy of the Water Rabbit is a bit similar to the energy of the Pisces sign. This is curious, because according to Western astrology, Saturn will enter Pisces in March 2023 and will favor the energetic expression of the same characteristics of the rabbit.

From the East, it is said that it will be a transcendent year, and in the West we confirm. Pluto enters Aquarius for a few months for us to take a look at the great revolution that is coming from 2024 to 2044 that will change our reality and paradigms in unimaginable ways.

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Limits and Reactions

The rabbit, a docile, nervous and tender animal, marks a tendency for governments to try to soften and organize what has gone awry in recent years. They will “fence” the rabbits, which could lead to nonconformity (and let's not forget that rabbits are wild before they are domesticated). For Western astrology, Saturn (restriction and authority, among other things), will try to restrict the freedom of the masses using mainly technology and the media. This can cause the indisposition and violent reaction of groups that unite for their ideals. The Chinese horoscope also says that we will see labor and economic areas affected, which is indeed foreseen with Uranus in Taurus. We are forced to radical economic innovation and the structuring of activities that do not fit into the traditional.

Negotiations, Creativity, Communities, Conservation and Mental Health

The Chinese prediction says that the rabbit is associated with peace. A conjunction of Chiron and Aries in March could favor negotiations in the war (or deepen a wound). Chinese astrologers speak of the Year of the Rabbit as a year of illusions, creative projects, herds, and high ideals for the group. This corresponds with Western predictions. It is said that this will be a calmer year than the previous one due to its Ying energy, in which the focus will be personal growth and mental health, conservation, or events associated with water and air pollution or pandemics. Relationships and contracts take hold, along with creation and communities, everything matches!

Together We Build Bridges

Since we found some coincidences in two very different and distant perspectives and techniques, we can assume that 2023 will definitely be one of manageable and novel energy. We will be able to overcome difficulties by appealing to creativity and inventiveness. In joint work and support we will find comfort and drive. Hopefully, by building bridges between the West and the East, we can promote well-being, reconciliation, and the opening of human consciousness to another level, since it is only one.