Latin America in Short: Explosion in Sutatausa | Linda Caicedo is Named "Queen of America"

This week there was an explosion in a mine in Sutatausa, Colombia. In sports, Linda Caicedo was named "Queen of America." This and more summarized here.

Ambulance in Sutatausa, Linda Caicedo

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An explosion at a mine in Sutatausa, Colombia left 21 dead this week. On the other hand, in economic news, the US authorities promise a solid banking system after the failure of Silicon Valley Bank. In Latin America, Cyclone Yaku causes great damage in Peru and some countries have come together to make a pandemic prevention agreement. Finally, in sports, Linda Caicedo was named "Queen of America" and FIFA confirmed a new format for the next world championships. Here we summarize the most important news of the week.

The United States promises that the banking system remains solid

After the financial disaster predicted by experts due to the bankruptcy of the Silicon Valley bank, the US authorities are trying to convey serenity and strength. In addition to SVB's lack of liquidity, the Joe Biden government also intervened in Signature Bank, in order to ensure proper functioning and avoid a domino effect throughout the system.

Janet Yellen, the US Treasury secretary, insists that “our banking system remains strong and that Americans can trust that their deposits will be there when they need them” in a congressional interrogation.

Despite the rapid action of Washington and the messages of calm that the United States government is trying to convey, eyes are on First Republican Bank, the 14th largest in the United States, which is based in San Francisco and which they fear may present the same problems as the other two banks already in government control.

The explosion in a Colombian mine rises to 21 deaths

The tragedy experienced by the families of 30 miners trapped in the town of Sutatausa continues. After several days of rescue operations, official agencies have reported that the death toll stands at 21, after 11 more bodies were found in the last few hours. The rescue operations will continue their work, despite the fact that the rain intensifies and makes the work of the fire brigade, rescuers and volunteers difficult. As is known, the accident was caused by an accumulation of gases such as methane, which is an explosive element, and any spark could cause the disaster.

Cyclone Yaku causes extensive flooding in Peru and could spread to other countries

Cyclone Yaku has left 60 dead and some 14,000 people affected in their homes in Peru. In addition, 483 districts are on maximum alert due to the overflow of several rivers and the continuous rains. The capital, Lima, is also in a state of emergency. The human tragedy that is taking place alerts us to the need to intensify disaster prevention measures and the need to improve the construction of the country. It is expected that this cyclone will also affect the Ecuadorian coasts in the coming days.

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Countries of the Americas met to make a new agreement for the prevention of pandemics

The COVID-19 pandemic left many lessons. One of them is the need to create stronger health systems. To do this, the Pan American Health Organization brought together health authorities from the Americas to discuss the new instruments that could be implemented. In this meeting that took place on March 14, they worked on "the preliminary draft of a new convention, agreement, or other international health instrument on the prevention, preparation, and response to pandemics," according to PAHO itself. Negotiations will continue in April.

Linda Caicedo: The queen of America

Linda Caicedo was named the 'Queen of America' for the 2022 season. The Colombian player has made history by being the first coffee-growing soccer player to win this important award from the Uruguayan newspaper El País. The new Queen of America swept the votes and far surpassed all her rivals, who were several votes apart. In 2022, Caicedo was runner-up in the Copa América, runner-up in the U-17 World Cup, was the top figure in the Colombian U-20 team and was recently hired as the new star of Real Madrid in Spain.

The new World Cup format

FIFA confirmed the new format for the following world championships, which will have a greater number of countries participating. Gianni Infantino achieved his highest goal as world soccer leader, the next World Cups will have a greater number of commitments, a decision that is criticized by fans of this sport. The new format was stipulated with 48 teams, these will be divided into 12 groups of 4 teams. The pass to the next round will be achieved by the best two and the eight best third parties in each group. In total, 104 games will be played during the competition, a tournament that would last 39 days.